The Unknown and Unnamed regains composure

The Unknown and Unnamed: the Conception


A few days naked and I’ve bewildered myself.

I was never good at math.

But I do love the rain (absorption, immersion, ambiguity).

There’s no accounting for taste.

I think I am a concept.

“a concept is a convenient capsule of thought that embraces thousands of distinct experiences and that is ready to take in thousands more”

-Edward Sapir-

            What’s in a name?

“the function of conceptions is to reduce the manifold of sensuous impressions to unity, and the validity of a concept consists in the impossibility of reducing the content…to unity, without the introduction of it…the conception of being, therefore, plainly has no content.”

-C.S. Peirce-

            I ran into a sign.

I was flooded, I saw and I seemed, I heard and replied, have been undone in my doing… I’m a roving mark, like a vessel constantly being filled and emptied, at once.

I can’t perceive without a concept, why not the simplest one – a single mark, a dash, say “/”?

/ fear it “plainly has no content.”

/’m confused.

“I am what surrounds me”

-Wallace Stevens-

            Advancing “empty,” a flesh-coated collection of organs replete with a coding of operational signs (we’ll call them ‘language’), I foundered.  Considering no one in pursuit of no/w/here, I became wherever that was (is?).

“This conception of the present in general, or IT in general…is before any comparison or discrimination can be made between – what is present – must have been recognized as such, as IT without parts abstracted and attributed to it…”

-C.S. Peirce-

            No/w/here – nothing – no one: “embracing thousands of distinct experiences (while attributable or identical to none of them) and ready to take in thousands more.”  ALWAYS.

Every/w/here, everything, every/one:  I conceptualize a concept, a mark to attribute an infinity of experiences toward : “/”.

Names changing by the millisecond.

A concept without content, or all conceivable content.

A baffle, a paradox, distinct and unidentifiable (in essence).

Here “/” come! (the unknown and unnamed) possibly sporting any knowledge, any name – perhaps heading your way even now!  Beware!  It’s conceivable, whether intended or not, that all of us are empty concepts, flooded concepts, without content, and all of us heading no/w/here at once!

“Here is where one seems to be”

-Robert Creeley-

“The place I really have to get to is a place I must already be at now”

-Ludwig Wittgenstein-

“’I’ can only be identified by the instance of speech which contains it, and by that alone”

-Emile Benveniste-

(to read all the Unknown/Unnamed writings thusfar accumulated

visit my Experimenctes pages!  Thanks)

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"Arrange whatever pieces come your way" - Virginia Woolf "Thinking about language, while thinking IN language, leads to puzzles and paradoxes" -James Gleick "a word is a bridge thrown between myself and another...a territory shared" - V.N. Volosinov "How words are understood is not told by words alone" - Ludwig Wittgenstein View all posts by N Filbert

"Authors frequently say things they are unaware of; only after they have gotten the reactions of their readers do they discover what they have said" - Umberto Eco

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