Immunity (Writing from Everywhere)

perhaps you will be able to play this WHILE you read the linked entry below (as it was written)

Immunity (Writings from Everywhere)

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About N Filbert

"Arrange whatever pieces come your way" - Virginia Woolf "Thinking about language, while thinking IN language, leads to puzzles and paradoxes" -James Gleick "a word is a bridge thrown between myself and another...a territory shared" - V.N. Volosinov "How words are understood is not told by words alone" - Ludwig Wittgenstein View all posts by N Filbert

6 responses to “Immunity (Writing from Everywhere)

  • john zande

    You’ve done it again. Beautiful.

  • simonhlilly

    How to merge, how to remain, how to see beyond corners, in darkness wells……a lovely thing, ringing.

  • simonhlilly

    Maybe a continuation of these words will follow sometime (scribbles are shuffling around). They are piling up, and, not so strangely, I found some writing from this morning that somewhat mirrors your theme here. I have also been thinking about the significance of the one I contrasted with the group Us, the External Mind, the influence a One can have among so Many. It is these little tenuous flowers of creative thought that so phosphorescently can bring some light in this abyssmal dark ocean! (That and random reminders of alien races and unitary experiences via visionary plant medicines- the delightfully subversive unorthodoxies of other commentators). Funny what can re-ignite a little optimism in one! I missed a potent image some time last night, I believe. Something about the fatal flaws of logic within the Machine Mind…. Ah well, it may bob up unexpectedly….

  • N Filbert

    I’ve been reading Louise Rosenblatt’s “transaction theory of reading” and there was something in there about organic processing vs. machine as well…i love when a little optimism is ignited :) I’ll look around later for the goods as well. Thank you Simon.

"Authors frequently say things they are unaware of; only after they have gotten the reactions of their readers do they discover what they have said" - Umberto Eco

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