Mind Fragments / Brain Farts

Mind Fragment / Brain Farts


– belching boiling-pot

– soda-fountain tap categories

– head swallowing body emerging from its mouth

– spiraling nature spiraling nurture spiraling epi-DNA

– once upon a time in a space

– too much pouring in … everything leaking out

– thoughts and dreams and imaginings – what is the object?

– ‘to be or not to be’ that is the question

– the subject predicates

– en arch logoz

– tangles of nerves and tubes and vessels in a bulbous wrap of mucousy coral

– who goes there?

– corpus callosum canyon

– hush little baby, don’t say a word

– the design of Dasein

– ingrained ineffable

– gulp slosh spew

– where is the switch? and what are those shadows playing over the screen?

– constant comment conscientious conscience of consciousness

– roughly the size of a volleyball

– no source of light, only darkness.  energy of relativity.

– the beast awakens

– shots volleying to and fro

– organic

– tadpoles and flying seeds

– terminal

– parasitic cancerous

– lecherous, then

– adaptive

– categories like soda-fountain taps

– signs and symbols

– data-processing divination

– omens and microscripts

– alchemy of differance

– “the Dump” the compost

– triggering permanence reverberant marks

– metaphoric semiotic signaling

2 thoughts on “Mind Fragments / Brain Farts

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  2. I can see what you mean about fragments. I feel like you’ve taken a pile of index cards with these phrases on them, thrown them on the floor, and copied them down in the order in which they fell. Two pairings I do like: “– lecherous, then/– adaptive” and “– signs and symbols/– data-processing divination” I wish I could say why; somehow the follow from one to the other feels natural, organic. As though one pulled the other thought out whether it wanted to leave the mind or not.

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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