I, for Instants: Accumulating Inquiries

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I the Question

I love the rain

I for Instants

I for Instants You

I, Gelaftimus

Attempts at Auto

I in instants divested

Paring down the Signals

8 thoughts on “I, for Instants: Accumulating Inquiries

  1. Ok, so I didn’t click on every single one because I am amazed at the creativity on this particular page. I’ve never successfully uploaded a PDF file to my blog 😦 And I’m off to google Neologism. (Sorry everyone can’t be as smart as you).

  2. ah crap. i hope it doesn’t come off that way 😦
    for uploading pdfs…it’s the same process as uploading images, exactly, except you select a pdf file. Hope that helps? Neoblahblahblah is just fancy for a new word. And mostly – thanks for taking a bit o’ time to read stuff.

  3. Jason

    Have you considered the possibility that a word is a tether linking people to emotions?

    A cattle prod?

    A stick, a stone, a weapon of romance?

    The diviner of popularity?

    They say the world was created with a word, does that word bridge this world to another? Is it possible that a word is a tether linking the entire universe together?

    By the way, I love your blog title–Polysemic Stupor.

    Have you considered the idea that a word is no thing at all, until someone decides that it is? Until someone decides it has a meaning?

  4. I love these thoughts, Jason. Thank you for sharing, and appreciate your notions being presented as questions! Yes, I love these observations and suggestive inputs, and yes – I love that language works in all of these ways and more! What an intriguing tool and noise that threads so many aspects of human experiencing from speculating on the cosmos, to communicating relational emotions, to prying into sub-organism theories, and so much of the experiences making up the continuums and liminal spaces of dynamic human activity! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. All best

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"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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