“In short – who will archive cultures in the future – the state, corporations, or the public?”

This article both combines and extends some of my favorite things to mull….

Archiving cultures – Mike Featherstone

Borges Aleph

coupled to concepts found in such texts as these:

“The archive fever is to attempt to return to the lived origin, the everyday experience, which is the source of the imperfect and distorted memories which are our archives and whose transience and forgetting makes us uncomfortable”

-Jacques derrida-

Economics of e-books & public-driven acquisitions – a query


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The surge towards a print-less e-library recasts academic librarians as “rare book engineers”

by Colin Storey


Is “just in time” preserving what will be needed for a (hopefully) long future?

How preservable and verifiable are digital bits?

Who ensures there are physical, tangible copies of information that may come in handy one day…

even if it seems passe or unnecessary in current socio-cultural perceptions?

What if cloud data gets scrambled, wears away, ebook vendors aggregate totalitarian-ly,

Where are our contingency plans for the preservation of knowledge and culture?

How will we verify digital content?

and so on….