Summer Recapitulation

Given the nature of things… withdrawal from school… disregulation of schedule / child-rearing / presences… obligated projects, desired collaborations, attempts… preponderance of labor… decrepitude and erosion of house, car, body…

Herein lies a revised Summer Reading List – old and new and recapitulatory…


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To be continued…





“Yet if language gives no words for what happens…it nevertheless gives itself”

-Christopher Fynsk-

Experience Language

“Communication is the awareness of a chain of meaning of which every speaker and interpreter is part”

-Renate Lachmann-

“Two voices is the minimum for life, the minimum for existence”

-Mikhail Bakhtin-

Gallery of Linguistic/Semiotic Hero(in)es

How many do you know?  How many do you “love”?

“…We know we can never be anything but parallel

And proximate in our relations, but we are linked up

Anyway in the sun’s equation, the house from which

It steals forth on occasion, pretending, isn’t

It funny, to pass unnoticed, until the deeply shelving

Darker pastures project their own reflection

And are caught in history,


Transfixed, like caves against the sky

Or rotting spars sketched in phosphorous, for what we did.”

-John Ashbery, from The Sun-

Continued Blessings!

As if all-knowing, the superhero librarians throughout the US and through the mighty workings of our very own ESU William Allen White library and staff – (particularly those involved in the Inter-library Loan department) delivered to my door as birthday extras the following!!:

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