The Return – the Quest continues

Pikes Peak

After a glorious week smushed together in an old log cabin without running water and an outhouse on the slopes of Pikes Peak Colorado, we have returned.  It was wonderful family time – hiking, kayaking, playing, reading, climbing and performing the necessary tasks of cabin-living.  Irreplacable.  One of our sons was reading “How to Read Literature like a Professor” for his summer reading assignments in the wee hours and pointed out that this type of vacation shared many qualifications of the Quest in literary themes.  That feels so right.  Life lived in relation to others always seems a quest – to know one another better, love one another better, hear one another better, express and differentiate and develop as persons-in-relation.  I have been immensely blessed with a mixed and quirky collective of children from whom I learn so much, and a spouse who cracks and opens me.  It is a particular pleasure when the world around us is also so splendid and obviously large as it is in the Rockies of Colorado, and when so many distractions are replaced with shared attentions – mushrooms, critters, rock formations, streams, decrepit mines, wild donkeys, and so on.  Priceless time.

Upon return it is easy to see how the quest goes on…kiddos heading back to school…classes starting again…and these packages opened in the pile of mail:

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the quest always beginning…

Experience, anyway. Coupling. (section 5)

Coupling Chaos






            We conferred, that is, we engage, experiencing contact.


We will set out, clinging, and submerge in, together.  To gather, to keep hold.  To track and trace in the tracing of trackings.  To recognize with(-ness).  To witness with-ness.  As experiment – critical.  Experience, anyway.  “Ours.”


Between the quark and the jaguar, we leap in, already moving.  Enduring much criticism: stop-motion behavior/practice.  A snipping tool.  We move on.


Must have been moving before we begin, different organization, as also (ever “also,” both/and) until “we” is spoken, still speaking.  In other words.


If complexity allows purpose, however shallowly combined – moment-airy radiant gradient – if selection involved “choice” (in other words), so we.  So-viet.  Co-Be=”It.”


We continue beginning potentials.  Experience.  Anyway, any way at all, even those unimagined per se – potentially – given contexts (complexes before and beyond) to speak spatially (corrupted language: co-ruptured, erupting-together).  “Always more than one,” our simple mantra.  Breathe.  Walk.


Early ones (to speak temporally, parler temporellement, another language) tout “the world knows not boundary.”  Perceptual divisor, arbitrary (i.e. species-specific) and then some.  Or boundary as invented in traversal, trespass, complex thoroughfare, reciprocity.  Feed-forward in a sort of randomness, chaos emerging orders.


We blend thus to cognize.  We merge to pattern difference.  Another way of saying “no boundary” (i.e. engagement, interactivity, living, being).  To couple.


Beginning again in infinite multiplicity (our limited numeracy) – were we able to count even to we.


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