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This is the path I take every day.  I get lost.  And name it “home.”

I am not a good father.

I am not a good son.

Nor…a good lover.

I do not know what it means to be a human.

I do not know if what I do is what is called ‘thinking.’

I assume (PRE-sume) I’m a-live.

This is what I do.  Again and again and again… (ad infinitum)…

I try, errr, perhaps… I am.


She said.


I was working.


Things happen.




Every day.


The New Wor(l)d

Brand spanking for me. Utilizing electric light surge blip space for languaging. I’ve been writing with a pen on a page for decades believing my devotion to discovering things words can do. All along all sorts of things have been evolving and swerving in other technologies. I’m planning to try my hand at this immediate ephemeral eminently malleable tool… As I figure it out, hopefully there will be many interesting things for you to “read” and “see.” With words whisking about in their core…creating and unconcealing worlds