Zygoptera: Friday Fictioneers

I struggled with this week’s prompt-picture…then struggled with keeping it to 100 words…then changed my form altogether

For all unfamiliar – join up! – “Friday Fictioneers” is a terrific place to read others and exercise one’s own languaging!

damsel fly


(zygo= joined or pairing; ptera= wings)


I have read of the damselfly

they of paired or joined wings

that lie paralleled and close

in their similarities

unlike others

of a horizontal differencing


it seems we each begin

as only one

lop-sided and clumsy

but eager to fly

flapping, leaping

slipping, falling,

we collide


finding another

and learning to lean

an economy of movement


so we huddle

and shelter

surrounded in pair


we of the joining wings

merging and taking to flight


if only for moments

N Filbert 2012