Survival in 79 words

He composes within the disaster.  Step one is to mention his life.  As it goes.  For the record.  Just in case.  Reassembling rubble is only one form of resist.  But not timing, nor space.  Step two is to edit.  To search what remains.  To look for a memorable trinket.  One rarely finds something precious, or treasure, but one man’s junk…because there aren’t any rules of the game.  Evaluation, correction, such fickle appraisals, are the process of finding step three…

N Filbert 2012

a blessing

the contextual life

At a time when publishers are concerned about ebook pricing, many believing that going below a certain dollar amount devalues both the book and the author (a theory I am sympathetic to), an intriguing project from a major publisher is taking place. Forty Stories, a labor of love spearheaded by Cal Morgan, publisher and editorial director at HarperCollins, is available today as a free ebook through all major retailers.

In January of 2009, Morgan started an online community for short story writers called Fifty-Two Stories. As the name suggests, each week a new story would be posted for free on the website. For all you trivia junkies, Simon Van Booy’s “The Missing Statues” was first. From 2009 until the first half of 2011 the output was consistent. Then, in August of last year, something happened and only one story was posted that month. Someone would have…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This one developed into a series.  My wife’s art works are all about the house and I move them here and there for various inputs/effects on my brain as I work…She recently hung a few encaustic pieces in our dining room where I have been writing due to the heat in our studio attic.  For “dreaming” I’d had the idea that I’d challenge myself with my Pantech phone and try to take some pictures of my head and smear it up without help from photoshop or other treatments.  It grew into a little series, beginning with her pieces and their slow consumption of my world.

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