New Arrivals, with poetry and music

Submerged in due dates.

Here’s what’s arrived in the center of (my) radar:

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and then, from Roberto Bolano


Write prayers that you will whisper

before writing those poems

you will think you never wrote

Bolano - Unknown University

Strange gratuitous occupation    To go losing your hair

and your teeth     The ancient ways of being educated

Odd complacency     (The poet doesn’t wish to be greater

than others)     Not wealth or fame or even just

poetry     Maybe this is the only way

to avoid fear     Settle into fear

like one inhabiting slowness

Ghosts we all possess    Simply

waiting for someone or something in the ruins

and finally,


Rejections from Anagrama, Grijalbo, Planeta, certainly also

            from Alfaguara,

Mondadori.  A no from Muchnik, Seix Barral, Destino… All

            the publishers… All the readers

All the sales managers…

Under the bridge, while it rains, a golden opportunity

to take a look at myself:

like a snake in the North Pole, but writing.

Writing poetry in the land of idiots.

Writing with my son on my knee.

Writing until night falls

with the thunder of a thousand demons.

The demons who will carry me to hell,

but writing.

all poem like creatures – Roberto Bolano

7 thoughts on “New Arrivals, with poetry and music

  1. A cool coincidence: Just yesterday, I was reading a review of Bolano’s “The Unknown University” and thinking it would be nice to get it. I enjoyed his “Romantic Dogs” and “The Savage Detectives,” so I figured his entire poetic output would be a wild time to read. What do you think of the book?

  2. I am really liking it so far (about 70 pgs in). Refreshing variety of writing. I’ve always enjoyed his novels, but hadn’t read poetry. He has an incisive, melancholy way coupled to the S American “leaping poetry” quality – as I receive it so far

  3. I loved Romantic Dogs. I finally got motivated and started 2666 last week, and about 200 pages in, it is one of my favorites of all time, but I have another 700 to go!

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