Aspects of Writing: The Beginnings – Conception. Inception.


The Beginnings: Conception, Inception

To be thinking about thinking about thinking the origins, the inception, where/when/how the movement-act, a specific verbal urge – that is, to write – conceives.

“To form or develop in the mind.”  “To become pregnant (with child); to grasp seed.”  No when, no how.  No description.  What? – it is a verb, it is verbal.  Con– implying, for inference, a with-ness.  Form requires relation in order to.  Something grasped, taking shape, coming to be.  Wombed – a gathering and a nurturing growth.  Where? – the mind, the gut – of imagination and body.

Inception, then, a beginning, a change, necessarily requiring an other, an outside – entity or energy, movement/matter, to be taken, grasped, to form and develop.   WITH.

Lodged “under the skin,” catching “in the throat,”  sticking “in the mind.”  Festers and swells.  Obstructs and impedes.  Reminds and welcomes or avoids.  Alters, morphs, catalyzing change in and with the host.

Conception: to take with, grasp with, grow and develop with.  To begin is to become.

Alter your position, feel what meets your body, even if only air.  Step forward or back, turn – ceiling, sky.  Nuzzle your nose inside of your neckline – inhale.  Be with all that you are with.  Take it in, work to grasp it, and let it grow and develop, in and with you.  Change.  Begin.  Become.


Otherwise inception, impossible.

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Friday Fictioneers: “The Brambles”

Another failure…I nearly doubled the word count ’cause he wouldn’t shut up.  Probably shoulda aborted it, but here it is:


The Brambles

He was painting a picture for us.  “Now this takes significant time to develop,” he said, “but I promise it’ll be worth the wait.”  “The fruits, they aren’t easy pickings, but if you’re willing to work it, I mean really get in there and give it a go – you’ll find ‘em, and they,” he assured us, “even these beautiful berries, nuggets, sweet bloody fleshes can seem prickly and tart at the first – it’s kind of an ‘acquired taste’ as they say – from years and years of this trying/acquiring and trying/acquiring – but those tiny pert jewels, held deep ‘round the heart of its center, those phenomenal pearls of good juice, as they finally give way and pop open,” he said, “that rush!  That momentary flood of powerful delight, that untangleable blend of most delicate morsel and sun-bittered time, that salting of aging and ripeness – it’s a wonder!”  “You’ve just got to get to them and find them, one after one and by one, have persistence!” he admonished, “far along, deep within, there’s always this unbelievable cluster of most amazing, unique and mouthwatering reward – yes, it seems tiny and ephemeral and difficult to grow or achieve, but it’s worth it!” he encouraged us, “the dedication of labor and time, constant tending and pruning pursuit; the right balance of trimming and rest, nourishment and fallow…”

Why he’d referred to our marriage as “the Brambles.”

N Filbert 2012

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Writing: Resonance and Quotation

Resonance: Reverberations: The Nature of Quotation


“Awake O sleeper!…”

(Ephesians 5)

“…life is but a dream”

(children’s rhyme)

“The Tao that can be spoken…”

(Tao te Ching)

“From the way I say your name I always know…”


“In the beginning was the Word…”

(John 1)

“To be or not to be”


“Try again.  Fail again.  Try again.  Fail better.”

(Sam Beckett)

“I went to the word to make it my gesture.  I went, and I am going”

(Edmond Jabes)

            Color stained into fabric woven into rug.  Of a piece, as they say, indistinguishable from the object itself.  So the words flow into us, saturate and stain us, are absorbed and resurface as we ourselves.  Like echoes in the cranium, or instinctual responses of the body.  Resonant reverberations.

“And so it was…” (A.A. Milne?)

“Once upon a time..”  “In the beginning…”

Countless appearances, an abyss of sources, the word lives on.

Who first used “love” or “light”?  “To be” or “not”?  “Hello,” “yes,” “a”?

Our life is quotation, interpretation, paraphrase.

We shelter in a common blanket.

We’re covered with a shared snow.

We drink of one great water.

Languages one to another, stained and woven rug.

N Filbert 2012

Needing Advice!?I

Greetings WordPressers….

I don’t want to come off unappreciative or paranoid…but the past week or so I have had a marked increase in viewings from one location…like hundreds a day…and posts hit are ranging throughout everything I’ve posted…so either there’s a wonderful reality where someone is actually compelled by all I’ve written and want to work there way through its whole history…or…perhaps things are being copied?  Should I be concerned?  Should I just rejoice that someone’s finally reading it all?  I’d love advice from some of you that have been here awhile and have a multitude of followers/readers?

Thanks  so much…

N Filbert