Getting to the Point : Tracing Complex Intersections

“A point is considered one of the fundamental objects in Euclidean geometry.  Without depth, breadth, or dimension it is a part that has no part.  It is represented by a dot or period that has some dimension but is not a point, but must cover the point infinite times over.  The point in the two-dimensional world is the intersection of lines and in three dimensions of another line as well and on and on.  A point is only location.  And isn’t that what we are?  Mere points?  Some points suggest beginnings, some ends, all divide, and when they connect or divide, where they are defined, it is always because of a turn, an angle, a shift toward another plane.  How else could we see a point?  The point is.  The point made.  Getting the point.  Pointing the way.  Points out.  Points in.  Point terminus…

…The meaning of life is the purpose of life

…In similar fashion he came to some comprehension of the whole ballet, language being a small window through which very little passed and became helpful, the dance being nearly everything.”

Percival Everett

Point being that there is no point.  That a point is like an abstract sign – a two-sided symbol – of a non-place where relation occurs – where intersection, connection – moves, happens.  Probabilistically?  Infinite.  Point being that getting the point involves a complex thinking

“going beyond itself in the direction of complexity…not from the simple to the complex, but from complexity to ever increasing complexity.  Let us repeat: the simple is no more than a moment, an aspect among several complexities (micro-physical, macro-physical, biological, psychic, social).  We attempt to consider the lines, the tendencies of a growing complexification…as they function (in relation to autonomy, individuality, richness of relations, aptitudes for learning, inventiveness, creativity, etc.)” 

Edgar Morin

(Further reading): Overview of Complexity Thinking – Ferrara

Point being.

Something similar to that – we utilize points and pointing to signify a passing, passage, to trace – to attend to or refer at some intersectional context – thereby creating interactive referants/actants – you, I, the relation.

WordPress as a case in point.

I am ever-so-honored and thankful to have been considered and nominated in community awards insofar as they represent mobile points of connectivity and passage – where one or more of we and our “representation spaces” intersect in this “information common” of the blogosphere.

From Words that Flow like Water I received the “Sunshine Award”


and from  CLisaWork, the “Versatile Blogger Award”

both of which I am very honored and thankful for.

The fantastic element to me about these WordPress community awards is that they allow us to introduce and further the connectivity and intersecting “points” of convergence and accordance that shiftily pertains to our activity and representation here.

The acceptance of the awards imply some obligation to self-report.  I am unsure how I might bring “sunshine” to others through my working-spaces here, but am happy to live with the mysteries.  I tried to find a “Sunshine award” icon that featured rain as rain is much more vitalizing, inspiring and motivating to me personally than sunshine, be that as it may.  So, some things about myself:

  • I prefer rain to sunshine, having always felt the sun to be somewhat invasive and threatening in its brightness and exposure, and rain to be softening and safe, providing more subtle noticing.
  • I also find raw emotion  threatening, and much prefer rational expression of emotion (or musical or aesthetic or literary) to emotionally reported emotion.  In other words, I prefer emotion mediated through other things than body and voice.  I continue to try to understand why this is so.
  • I often feel helpless as a parent.
  • It is never my intention to report my knowledge or ideas as facts or certainties.  I find each day bringing with it so much information that the pattern of it is never symmetrical.
  • I am tremendously graced with a spouse and family that allow and enable me to inquire and pursue connections and concepts in the human universe of information that are far from profitable or sustainable economically.

I am going to use the “award-passing-along” as an opportunity to suggest blogs that (in the “sunshine” vein) inspire and inform me in ways that keep me at it myself, and that enhance my own “versatility” through what they offer and provide.  Please visit them – I am confident that there are so many more that should be listed below (I follow 100s) but there is not world enough and time…


Simon H. Lilly


Life in Relation to Art

[im]probability theory

Philosophy of Information & Communication


Unwanted Advice: Reflections of a Self-Appointed Life Counselor

draw and shoot


Creativistic Philosophy

so very very

Searching to See

Spoondeep: Magazine of New Writings

Literary Man

The Unquiet Librarian


Lunch Sketch

and so on….(check my blogroll)…

Thank you all for the rain-like sunshine and versatility you bring to my days:

the connections…

Very Inspiring

In the space of three weeks I have received 3 nominations for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” award here on WordPress.  I’m a little bit wordless.  It feels in me that inspiration works like a system of waterfalls.  Someone kicks the rock out of the way and the water flows, tumbles over one fall dislodging more obstructions, flowing on, saturate and soothing…on…  “When it rains…”  I am very thankful for these nominations / recommendations / kudos.  It is very inspiring to be considered inspiring.  Thank you: The Rag Tree, The Writer Site, and Words That Flow Like Water.  So, essentially, the award bounces right back at you – for its bestowal is so inspiring in itself.  To view my 7 things and the bloggers I nominate in kind, please visit my initial response:

Please take a look at my current blog roll as well – through these other bloggers I have come to follow many new blogs that promise to be quite inspiring, but don’t feel I’ve followed them long enough to contribute awards.  I would like to point out a few bloggers who have newly inspired me by their contribution of comments to my posts:

Simon H Lilly

R. L. Culpeper

Elena Caravela – an explosion of creativity I have followed consistently

Mari Sanchez Cayuso – her tangles of words (and images!) always unraveling potent internal realities

Petrujviljoen – ever active and compelling

Biblioklept – consistently instigative tidbits

Literodditie – fantastic and curious and quirky

This Blog Needs a Title – I thoroughly enjoy what happens here

Appropriately Frayed


Brainsnorts – always thoughtful and genuine

Okay, so it isn’t difficult to compile lists of inspiring bloggers in our community – and the happiness it brings is the fulminating trajectory of ever discovering more through awards like these – THANK YOU ALL!

Underneath is the meaning that it is meaningful to each of us – however small or distant these contacts and connections – that we each are offering ourselves and our work and welcoming those of one another – thank goodness and human capacity.

To paraphrase Dave Eggers (writing about David Foster Wallace):

“Which is, after all and conveniently enough for the end of this introduction, what an author’s seeking when he sets out to write – anything, but particularly a blog like this, a blog that attempts to give so much, that requires sacrifice and dedication.  Who would do such a thing if not for want of connection and thus of love?”


Reasons for Thanks – inspiration


  1. Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative
  2. Create (a feeling, esp. a positive one) in a person

Many thanks to Music & Meaning / The Rag Tree for awarding me the “Very Inspiring Blogger” award.  The work there is genuinely inspiring, in fact, just this week I was speaking with my spouse, artist & blogger Holly Suzanne, about RT’s work, particularly in translations and all that brings with it regarding languages and cultures and purposes of art.  Thank you Rag Tree!  I am honored and, indeed, inspired, by your work.  In fact, I would hazard to guess that the decision to begin a personal blog or website, followed by the clunky and quirky process of finding or constructing a steady community of readers or viewers might be characterized by inspiration.  As we watch one another follow their urges to “do or feel something…creative” it does “create a feeling, esp. a positive one” in us to continue doing/working/creating our own.  I am thankful to the blogosphere for providing such a cheap and relatively easy format for those of us who will to expose our work far beyond our limited personal spheres, and especially to receive comments and criticism, and gather multitudes of inputs from others works all throughout the world, that we, most likely, would never have otherwise been exposed to.  It gladdens me deeply if my work inspires others to work or think or be, and all of you that I follow have done the same for me.

I relish in giving awards to other bloggers, as there are so many out there, but we’d live in social media were we not forced continually to edit and select the number we can truly “follow,” and actually attend to.  By that point, a blogger has gone through (for me) the same sort of criteria any music I listen to, literature I read, or conversation or activity I participate in does – engaging it involves an enhancement of meaning for my life.  How can one not want to award or acknowledge, thank or praise those whose work and words enhance and expand your daily living?!  So I find no difficulty in finding bloggers to pass the gratitude on to, the hardest thing is choosing!  This blog comes with a few “rules”, as follows:

  1. Display the Nomination logo on your blog
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you
  3. State 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 others and link to them
  5. Notify those bloggers of the nominations & award requirement

Seven Things About Myself

1.  Writing joins me to the world.

2.  I love theory – as a way of thinking about thinking about the world and anything in it.

3.  I am particularly fascinated by the way humans learn and change.

4.  My wife and children amaze me and expose and explode un-countable aspects of the world into me.

5.  Rain is my favorite weather – especially the thick drizzly kind, the all-day kind (or all-week or -month) – optimum temperatures 40s     or 50s.

6.  I read 4-6 hours a day.

7.  I like cabins and caves.

Now for those I recommend.  For the selections for this, I have spent a good deal of time thinking “which blogs do I truly go to for inspiration?”  Not only interest or admiration, information or curiosity, but that I seek out and miss if I don’t see, and that genuinely create in me the urge to “do or feel something creative…” perhaps even the “ability” to do so.  Here they are:

Life In Relation to Art – see also yes, this is my wife and co-creator in everything I do.  It’s true she always makes my lists for blogger awards, and it is also true that no other’s life or work inspires me remotely as much as living life side-by-side with her.  I can attest to the effort and deep work that goes into each of her creations, and how her creating fuses into every aspect of our lives and activities.  Thank you, love, for inspiring me every moment of my life.

Objects – see also – contributions by author “severnspoon.”  This author also occurs with each of my kudos and thanks because he, too, constructs the courage to be alive in me.  His work in graphics, poetry and mixed media ALWAYS inspirit me to do and make and think.  Thanks, compadre.

Draw and Shoot – see also – when I first spied Karen’s work I was impressed by the mood and quality of each shot.  Now, over months, I must say that I anticipate each shot, and have truly come to be amazed by the “capturing” her eye, technique and production do in relation to the world.  These are photos I go back over again and again, almost as a meditation, guaranteed to evoke feelings, thoughts and the urge to create in me.

Christian Mihai – how can one NOT be inspired by the quality, content and sheer verve of Christian Mihai – he is instructive, productive and full of ideas and insights, as well as fine and evocative creative writing.  Press “random post” again and again – let me know how many times it took before you stumbled across something “not interesting.”!  Thanks CM – for all your work – and work FOR all of us!

Ironwoodwind and Photography Of Nia – Doug and Nia are two of the most humane, attentive, genuine, interested and interesting blogger-people I’ve come across.  Both obviously care about the world around them and the people and organisms in it, and express themselves warmly and carefully into it.  I notice from many that their efforts at commenting and encouraging others goes a LONG way in inspiring ongoing work in the community of WordPress.  Thank you both for your kindness and creativity and communal encouragement.

Settle + Chase – in line with Draw & Shoot, S+C’s work indeed settles deep into the subject and chases what is ephemeral, mysterious, or not objectifiable in it.  This leads consistently to photography that we are able to “enter in” instead of just observe and admire.  I enjoy work like this that asks to be questioned over time…and continually provides new responses.  Thank you S&C!

Boy With a Hat – I can’t remember how I came across this blog, but have not missed a post since I did.  Here is some ingenious, fresh and alive writing and thinking.  His 50-word stories are little explosions of insight, and his particular way of involving the reader in whatever it is he is considering in language is admirable and unique.  Thank you Vincent Mars!

atelierscheune2012 – see also Ute Schatzmuller – here you’ll find visual art and collaborative work that I promise will evoke new ideas in you, inspire new collaborative desires, and set your mind or hands or eyes off on new explorations internally and externally.  Ute’s work is suggestive and entire in a spiraling manner – each piece feels complete and yet also as if it’s the beginning of a journey. Thank you Ute!

The Disorder of Things – I promote this blog because I admire blogs that take on big issues and are willing to dig deep and explore options and ideas.  I appreciate this because whether or not I agree with any position or concept under inquiry – it invites and enervates more thinking – which is inspiring.

Ooggetuige – primarily portraiture of some sort, the settings and background textures combined with perspective on subject consistently intrigue me.  These photos start stories.  Thank you!

The Hour of Soft Light – the writings, images, poems, quotations and reflections here nearly always brush some deep human place of longing, nostalgia, wonder or gratitude.  Important things to keep alive in us.  I appreciate the breadth and depth of the entries – the range of our human experiences.

Quirk’n It – inspiring in subject, expression and real-lifeness of it.  The energy, interest and genuineness of her intention and attention to subjects, meanings, and scene are delightful to follow.  (Also, there’s collaboration in the works – being considered for it is inspiring in itself).  Thanks!

It Started With a Quote – likewise – so much of my life is inspired or rises out of what I read and then winds in and out of my lived relational experience, testing, proving, questioning the language of it.  Here you encounter all sorts of worthy inspirations and get a chance to watch them thread through, effect and alter an able mind into the world of experience.  

The Artsy Forager – I am SO thankful for the work of the Artsy Forager – bringing all manner of creative, enlivening, interesting works and activities into our days.  Our family has a funny attribution to “feeling artsy” – for when we have that curious, active want-to…the Forager satisfies and often increases this want-to. and Dark Pines Photos  – two sites that do things with photographs that make me want to do things with words – change the finish, crack the background, tear the edges, skew the subjects…MAKE IT NEW!  Very thankful for their work and steady spontaneous creativity.

There it is – longer than usual, but fortunately for me – it’s Thanksgiving Week in the USA, so seems appropriate.  Hope you visit and enjoy each of these!  And follow the tags onward to new brilliant blogs!

Sincerely, mano’theword

in·spire  (n-spr)

v. in·spiredin·spir·ingin·spires

1. To affect, guide, or arouse by  influence.
2. To fill with enlivening or exalting emotion: hymns that inspire the congregation; an artist who was inspired by Impressionism.

a. To stimulate to action; motivate: a sales force that was inspired by the prospect of a bonus.
b. To affect or touch: The falling leaves inspired her with sadness.
4. To draw forth; elicit or arouse: a teacher who inspired admiration and respect.
5. To be the cause or source of; bring about: an invention that inspired many imitations.
6. To draw in (air) by inhaling.
7. Archaic

a. To breathe on.
b. To breathe life into.

1. To stimulate energies, ideals, or reverence: a leader who inspires by example.
2. To inhale.

The Graces

as in “unexpected blessing,” or surprising gifts.

Words that Flow like Water

has nominated me for another Lovely Blog award!

Surprising, I suspect, because I oft don’t find my own voice “lovely.”

I am very thankful some find it so, or something about the overall content here.


(rules of the game attached to the logo)

1.  My real name is not Nathaniel.

2.  My favorite authors/artists are embedded in my flesh.

3.  I am pursuing a vocation in Information Sciences.

4.  I am drawn to large white rectangles.

5.  I don’t believe in “spiritual.”

6.  I enjoy laughter.

7.  I deeply desire to travel in Russia, Nepal and Portugal.

For the nominees I’d like to pass the award along to (bon chance!) I will post the list that proved exorbitantly long for the rules last week, as follows:

in the library with a lead pipe

Words that Flow Like Water
The Language we Speak

art unraveling
Appropriately Frayed
Ute Schatzmuller
Madison Woods (for keeping us all busy and honest)

A Philosopher’s Take
Careful for Isa 
The Artsy Forager
Writing with Water
Anton Jarrod
Photography of Nia
and, of course, my beloved (even if time doesn’t allow, I read whatever arrives :))
Life in Relation to Art

simplified structure of entailment (Gordon Pask)


Given the shiftings and obstacles and reappointments of time and priorities that have effected me over the past month or two, I am very grateful to receive news, messages, word that what work I am able to do is being read, is given attention.  Thank you!

Yesterday I received a message from Michele D’Acosta that she had nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog” award, I was surprised and ever so grateful.

Receiving this award asks that the recipient tell readers seven things that they may not know about the creator of the blog:

1.  I’m a parent to seven children.

2.  I’m a new graduate student in library and information sciences.

3.  I adore theory.

4.  I’m a classically trained vocalist and pianist.

5.  I love all things peanut butter.

6.  I have very few friends.

7.  I long to be a published author.

Then the recipient is asked to recommend to the readers 10-15 other blogs that he or she finds compelling or necessary:

I’ve recently found it necessary to pare down the blogs I follow due to the time constraints my life imposes and a feeling of overload in providing each blog its due attention.  So I’ve had to think hard about what blogs seriously enhance my existence that I engage.  I will pass a few of them along here.

Adventures in American Writing

Searching to See


draw and shoot


unwanted advice


the hour of soft light


maurice sapiro

Want Beautiful


Lady Fi

Dark Pines Photo

We Need More Time to Stand and Stare

my daily art display

lisa thatcher

Christian Mihai

that’ll have to do…as I go over my list of blogs I follow I realize there are SO SO SO many whose news/thoughts/artifacts/messages are meaningful to me.  But to list them all!  So follow the leads and find the good stuff!

A sincere thank you to all who take time to engage my thoughts and stuff.



This hot-potato-pass-it-on-pay-it-forward-style awarding-via-nomination generosity at wordpress feels good.  I like the way it expands our little readership coteries and introduces each of us stumbling on others of us who have stumbled upon others of us to one another…

Most kindly and recently Sixpuns nominate-awarded me for the Versatile Blogger Award – a valuable title I indeed hope is true of my brain and work at least from time to time…this one looks like this:

The rules of this one are – * thank the person who nominated you / *include a link to their blog as common courtesy (that’s a quote) / *pick 15 other bloggers who are excellent that you’ve recently discovered or read devotedly / *and tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.  I’ve done 3 out of 4, here are my 15 nominees for excellence and versatility in blogging:

(in no particular order, but selected for versatility and excellence)

Sam of the Ten Thousand Things (the name is indicative)

Unwanted Advice


Literary Man (again)

Adventures in American Writing

the language we speak


Brainsnorts inc


Very Small Kitchen

Literature Salon


Unbound Boxes Limping Gods


The Coevas

Thank you all for your variety of work and interests and prompting them forward in us!

THANK YOU AND AWARDS FOR ALL – it’s long, but please read – it’s directed at YOU!

Acknowledgement and Re-cognition

Lately there’s been a rash of occasions in which I’ve been requested to tell things about myself (my wife would immediately note the choice of nouns as descriptor and tack on “well, that’s one way to look at it” i.e. as irritant, possible disease, discomfort – a “rash”).

I’ve noticed that discomfort.  Say I’m elated to have a poem accepted somewhere, or receive these lovely and encouraging blogging awards in WordPress, each joy arriving along with these little nettles: “please provide two paragraphs of biography,” or “tell us about yourself,” “list seven things about yourself your readers probably don’t know” and so on.

And I desire to tackle it all poetically, as fiction, an invention (which perhaps I think it actually is : “self-perspective” blah blah blah)…

…and yet…

Why are we writing or sharing recipes or art in the first place?  What is that urge?

To express, perhaps – we feel aburst with something and want relief, to press it out…into where?  why viewable?  readable?  hearable? physical?  For whom?

For ourselves, we might say, some more objective, ab-stracted processing of what goes on in us as we struggle to live?  Okay.  But, again, why do we share it?  Click the keys and hit “send” or “publish” or “post”?  Why not leave it all on our desks, in our journals, our notebooks, as undeveloped film and private files?


Maybe we write to discover, to create, pass along information, simply verbalize…I agree.  But also – why not just read?  We’ll never compass it all, even without adding another jot or image.  And if we’re paraphrasing experience as an exercise in knowing – echo – why share it?  Why book?  Why picture?  Why avail?

My guess is that, whether I like it or not (about myself, about being a social human critter, about existing) we all of us make/use signs, marks and gestures in order to engage.  In fact we must and we need to.  To acknowledge and be acknowledged; to process and join the process;  to have our being validated, even to ourselves, which still requires another.

I find that many of the blogs and their creators I have come so much to value are likewise reticent, withdrawn, coiled in a very unique, particular and special veil of language and machinery, cybernetic cyberspace…a safety of at least felt and imagined control over what re-presents us in our world, an edited voice, or bodiless pattern of thought.  Where we feel some level of risk-management and damage-control.

My wife was recently bullied in a small claims court case.  Last year one of my children was bullied on a walk home from school.  In both cases, I was enraged.  Almost uncontrollably vehement at what I perceived as injustice, depersonalization, predatory victimization, intimidation and abuse of power (etc.) I quickly activate into activist, I do things, strike back, strike out, and defend.  As she talked me down through this recent event, my beloved spouse asked me what it might feel like to come to my own defense in that way?  To be incensed at being ignored as a person, a voice, a being?  To say “no, you don’t get to do that to me” as if I were just as valuable as her, as our children?


I could hardly imagine such a scenario.  My instincts have defended me in fright or danger.  I’ve escaped, avoided or saved myself in andrenalin-rushed bravado or terror, but never really exhibited courage for myself, or because of my personally estimated worth.  Billions of graves, agnosticism, “life-happens-and-then-you-die” awareness along with saturations of accounts of wars and their rumors, poverty, destitution, abuse, genocide and all the etceteras have left me pretty humble around complaint, as if “first-world problems” didn’t count as “problems,” after all.

I haven’t figured all that out, but I’m willing to say that in whatever world, we all of us actually matter, and would do well to respect ourselves at least as much as we must all these others we care about, visit or “like,” protect or take the time to read.

I may never know any of you in a fully personal way, that is, embodied and face-to-face or voice-to-voice, but I am learning that whatever we do is personal, for the simple fact that we are persons doing whatever however whyever whenever we do.

So thank you – EVERYONE.  Whether you’re disguised behind an invented gravatar, code-name or handle, some fictional aspect of yourselves – it doesn’t matter – I believe it’s originating with a person, that’s important to me, and so are you.  Thank you each for whatever it is you provide to this vast and wriggling system of signs.

A “Person Award” to you all – as in recognition, not as bestowal.




First Award / Acknowledgment

I would like to thank G.E. at for nominating myself and others for the “One Lovely Blog Award.”  It is nice to know that our work is being read and that people are also glad that they are reading it.

7 things you wouldn’t already know about me?

1.  I’m a classically trained musician

2.  I have a name.

3.  I actually exist in space and time, embodied.

4.  I am part of a large complex rewarding family.

5.  I really really really like the music of Mark Kozelek

6.  I am looking for work in the writing field.

7.  I studied in Jerusalem, Heidelberg and Oxford during undergraduate days.

I commend to you the following:

Written in Water

brainsnorts, inc.

very small kitchen

the dad poet

life in relation to art

pigment pondering

Alphabet Soup Miniscule

canadian art junkie

the light ekphrastic


Anton Jarrod

you each and so many more i would love to press – lovely blogs indeed

the “rules” for the award, I guess, are to thank and link and nominate 10 or so you likewise think are lovely

thanks all!