The Graces

as in “unexpected blessing,” or surprising gifts.

Words that Flow like Water

has nominated me for another Lovely Blog award!

Surprising, I suspect, because I oft don’t find my own voice “lovely.”

I am very thankful some find it so, or something about the overall content here.


(rules of the game attached to the logo)

1.  My real name is not Nathaniel.

2.  My favorite authors/artists are embedded in my flesh.

3.  I am pursuing a vocation in Information Sciences.

4.  I am drawn to large white rectangles.

5.  I don’t believe in “spiritual.”

6.  I enjoy laughter.

7.  I deeply desire to travel in Russia, Nepal and Portugal.

For the nominees I’d like to pass the award along to (bon chance!) I will post the list that proved exorbitantly long for the rules last week, as follows:

in the library with a lead pipe

Words that Flow Like Water
The Language we Speak

art unraveling
Appropriately Frayed
Ute Schatzmuller
Madison Woods (for keeping us all busy and honest)

A Philosopher’s Take
Careful for Isa 
The Artsy Forager
Writing with Water
Anton Jarrod
Photography of Nia
and, of course, my beloved (even if time doesn’t allow, I read whatever arrives :))
Life in Relation to Art

simplified structure of entailment (Gordon Pask)

9 thoughts on “The Graces

  1. Congratulations dear N Filbert. I wished to nominate you too, in these days I can’t be on my desk as before… But I am so glad you have been nominated, because you deserve. Always it is so exciting and so inspirational to read your posts and shares. And also nice to know more about you. In number 2, “My favorite authors/artists are embedded in my flesh.” This expression fascinated me. Actually there is nothing new, but we all try to put them in different way… something like that.
    In number 3, it is exciting for me to learn more about today’s science… Everything changes and most of them we don’t know… In number 4, ” I am drawn to large white rectangles.” made me to think… 🙂 and your number 5, ” I don’t believe in “spiritual.” what can you put instead of this, dear N Filbert! There are two faces of our realities for me, one is noticed by our brain and the other one by our heart/feelings/sense, etc. Sorry for my weak language, just I wanted to explain what I thought now. Finally yes, Nepal, Himalaya same for me too, how I wish(ed) to travel… Thank you, for all these moments that made me to have a little mind voyage and also Thank you for thinking of me. You are so nice. Have a nice new week, love, nia

  2. thank you for your attention and time, Nia. Encouragement and interaction. Let me think on what I might put instead of “spiritual.” The concept of immaterial entities/powers unsettles me 🙂
    I certainly don’t mind your mind/heart/feelings/sense descriptions! No need of “spirit” there and what full reality!

  3. You are welcome dear N Filbert. I can understand you about immaterial entities… For me as if there is another reality of this earth/life etc. that we are not able to read it yet… There is so many questions for us still…. Thank you, you are so nice. Have a nice day, love, nia

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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