Summer Recapitulation

Given the nature of things… withdrawal from school… disregulation of schedule / child-rearing / presences… obligated projects, desired collaborations, attempts… preponderance of labor… decrepitude and erosion of house, car, body…

Herein lies a revised Summer Reading List – old and new and recapitulatory…


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Anticipating Leaving the Sea

Marcus - Leaving the Sea


As with bated breath I anticipate the January 7 release of Ben Marcus’ newest collection of stories…I sate myself with these two complex tidbits of his alchemical languaging talents, and invite you to swim in them as well…

Marcus - Notes from Hospital imageBen_Marcus_Notes from the Hospital


Marcus - Dark Arts image

Marcus - Dark Arts excerpt

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Noteworthy (not noteworthy – “omniscient observing” – worthy!!)

I continually conclude that these two are up to something unique and astounding in American letters:




i advise you fervently…be aware

New Arrivals…New Invaluables

“meant to detect just how slushed our insides were from too much speech, how blighted we’d become from the language toxin…

The know-it-alls are always the last to know.  Everyone’s a diagnostician, and everyone’s wrong…”

-Ben Marcus-

“As is usual with me I would not go on with the rest of the story and come back to the difficult sentence later.  With others it may be different – but when I am that far in a work the story must exist in each word or I cannot go on…”

-Louis Zukofsky-

-Lukas Felzmann-

I know….there’s a LOT of envy fuming out of you readers eyes!

(use your local library!)