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Narrative seeming regurgitant, redundant, and indulged…yet as it occurred it was quite dramatic.  A vibrant life of tragic deaths and violent love.  The kind of loving one imagines as a lion gutting prey.  That ferocity and devouring.

Language always there, most assuredly, in circularity and dismay, its hesitant encumberance.  Its dance of waltz with tango, its distance from its cause.  We were ravenous for life, steeled in healing, shriveling seeds immersed in waters.  An obsessive metaphor.

She came.

From where?  Like lamps at sea.  Inside of windows, inside of houses, nonexistent.  The sea is no foundation in its turbulence, its depths.  I never charted.  But there she shone.  And there I strove, even while she drifted toward me.

The sky is murky.  A sound of panting.  My memories faint.  I grabbed her collar and held her still, bent down, like that, spread open (in my dreams).  They feed, they lion.  The forms reverse.

Talking a mean streak.  Accidental – no, – unavoidable or some inevitable undoing that I do.  I won’t stop speaking, but go on.  When I shouldn’t, when I can’t, when I do.  I am.

What I say (I said) goes like this, or would have, but the force, the draw, consumption – I speak in digits, speak in code, I squeeze pronouncing.  I will not say.  What I am saying, if I would not, would have been as it were love.  Instead I feed.

And she retracts and she releases, she relents but won’t rely.  We’re frightened beings, gorging beasts, so here it is – the valiant story, the fragile lines, the treacherous risk.

I engulf her.  Still she comes.

She feasts and I retreat.

The battles rage, my hair grows wild (she makes it so), her full of bruising, fully of greed – my want, my spunk.  Our torsos open.  We choose withdrawal along with weapons for attack.  I bare my teeth and force her hand while she recoils, she hits, she sneaks.

We die away.  I have remorse, and so I speak: again, again.  Say “what I meant” I do not mean.  Say wonder why.  She will not speak.

There’s never truce but we find trust, a glyph we muster, when we must, because we want (for something), want (for edges), want (for love).

She says my name.  Says “you remember!”  And I don’t.  Says work from there.  My body rotted, her blackened breasts, her flesh unwilling, still we progress.  We feed and lion.

A torturous joy.  An adumbration..  Spiraled mind and twisting body.  And there we are beneath a flow I cannot cease, my acrid words, my oily blunder.  Why should I think, and what?  While she moves thunder.

With firm resolve.  And solve again without solution.

Then here screes the story wrenched of life – away and from – she drains a bank I cannot fill, I rob her purchase.  We are one.

The scene begins.

From the Notebooks… a poem perpetually in progress…

Untitled (In Progress)

The poem linked above I pushed out last week… and marked it as “in progress” because for some reason it is one that the process of making, unmaking, forging and revising it (still feels “off” as published at above) has intrigued me.  Here are the pages of notebook from which it hails, perhaps this is of interest, perhaps not, for better or worse…

We are working on an exhibition of new media for June at Wichita’s Fisch Haus, and have been battling over how to show process and creation when exhibiting technologically enabled and activated art.  Perhaps that is why I’ve been more conscious of my own processes of making and revising.  In any case, here is a little trail through the notebooks as a piece is coming to be…

edited drafts

In Progress….


I am thankful for this loosening quiet,

your slackening ties of dusk.

Though often shackled by a fear of loss

in love, I may open toward a growing –


possibilities of a learning, as in youth,

less about the being something

than, profoundly, just to be

that which relaxes and allows


like a cow caught up in weather,

or warm engagements with a child,

with the blossom, and make-believe.

Empowered when our symbol’d systems –


confused by what is happening –

begin to sign that loss

(a form of death) ensures the safety

of our risks.  That harm and haven


are our home – the same as truth:

what’s loved is lost –

and thus we come to love.

Wisdom undoing opposites


in terms of life.

I amt ridiculed by youth –

it’s how I know that many lessons

come unlearned,


that “completeness is

a process of revision”

as they say,

and that our closures


are what open

every day.


The above was an editing of the following…which is why it’s still “In Progress…”

child, the blossom, the make-believe



And then I want to say

that I am thankful

for this loosening


I want to say

And then I want to say

that I am grateful/thankful

in/for this loosening quiet

for its / and the slackening of ties


perhaps we’d once been shackled by

the fear of loss in love


leaving space for other and tenderness and availability,

freed of the shackling fear of loss

in love

not in the order of other pursuits

thus fencing a truth again

or forging some identity –

burned and brandished iron –


but that we might allow

the finding, its discovery –

all the safeties that arrive with risk –

in all directions

whether in the child, the blossom, or the make-believe


the will to love and to enjoy

our engagement

with world and things and persons


unraveling the expectations

of hurt and damage

parenting ourselves to freedom


the assurance we are looked after,

at least by ourselves,

as well the plenteous others –

our families, our species, our friends


we will probably survive,

unless we do not

and then no matter

death was here from the start


nor had it intention or opportunity

not to be

attachment and loss

and room for growth


so we begin, so we will be

the template that stifles

symbolic structures

learned of experience


in certain ways


do not ask permission

but simply deceive

they are not truthful


Look at your child,

your pet, your mother –

you would not have them

to be a certain thing


an object, tool or concept

but to live and change and grow

until they die and thus dissolve

which is not damage so much

so much as change


thus let it be,

it is quiet

the ties are slackened

the noose loosened


around your heart.

we are here –

the squirrel, man and mountain,

every weather, part and parcel,

as are you


It is begun

we are resolved

to open and allow

for your enjoyment

for your experience

should you engage


and cease to fear

cease to fit to your equation

to whatever maths you assent and ascribe

and start to scribble

doodle, sketch


to select potential

over priority

exception(al) over rule

dynamic in place of determined


and friendship more than fact


perhaps you were meant to be

over being

to selve more than self


for “we were not meant to survive,

only to live.”




We thank you for the loosening quiet

We are the slackened ties of dusk


I am grateful to this the loosening quiet,

the darkness and this its slackening of ties…

what is once was shackled by the fear of loss

in love, now opened may open toward a growing –


possibilities – a learning, as in youth,

that it is much less about being something

as than it is, profoundly, just to be

that which relaxes and allows


the squirrel (cow) caught up in weather,

our warm engagement with the child,

the blossom, or the make-believe,

empowered when our symbol’d systems


can be get confused with awareness by what is happening,

and when we are able to see that loss,

a form of death, ensures the safety

of our risks.  That harm and heaven haven


are the same – our home as truth

what’s loved is lost

and thus we get come to love.

Wisdom undoing opposites


in the terms of life

I am get ridiculed by youth

it’s how I know that lessons

are get unlearned,


that “completeness

is a process of revision”

as they say, and that a that our closures

opens every day.



-Dan Beachy-Quick-





Experience, anyway. (parts 6 and 7 are new)

This work is a slow-grower.  I think it wants to be read that way as well.  Slow accretions of interaction and recursively referent.  Not sure where it will continue.  Click the title page to investigate.  Comments are welcome.

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