recent posts and discussions with brilliant co-bloggers (e.g. multi-sense realismAnacephalaeosis, unwanted advice, tocksin and others) have reminded me how woven, interactive and co-constructed we are with our environment… which sounds something like this (the awareness and attention and presence of it) to me:


for Friday Fictioneers – 19 July 2013

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Round and round and round it goes.  You get used to the cycles.  Daily, monthly, every 3 weeks, whatever, humans are good with patterns.  And adapting.  In fact, if it happens regularly enough over enough years, you’ll cease noticing changes, lose track of effects, especially on others.  You begin to think of it all as yourself.  The way of things.  Shouldn’t we all be used to it by now?  The sun, the seasons; the menstruals, the hours, the moods.  But sometimes they don’t seem to go anywhere.  Hi-jacked, hung-up.  Wheels refusing to turn, or spinning around in one place.

N Filbert 2013

Mood Construction

because I have been wanting to share the subtlety and nuance of Elena Tonra & band “Daughter,” and after a day on repeat words became…

mobius, ever,

turning ribbon gyre


under foot, a soaker hose


a sprinkler fountain




an emanation –

tangled collisions –

of stars.  of light.


and here, supine




in aimless ache


while there, ever,

slight twist in the band,

an error,

a mark-miss,


and bypass.

N Filbert 2013