Aspect of Architecture

“A well-crafted sentence overturns the notion that thought is distinct from thinking.  A well-crafted sentence enacts the sense it makes rather than representing it.  The result of writing well-crafted sentences is that your reader will have the most vivid sense that something is happening to him or her and with the irresistible urgency of their own dreams.”

“Dedicate yourselves to reading most energetically that which you don’t immediately understand.  Read with a special attention to the prospect that what doesn’t appear to make sense matters most because of the possibilities of sense-making that are portended in it.”

author Alan Singer

taken from:

4 thoughts on “Aspect of Architecture

  1. Great quotes ( after a couple of reads). Last one particularly is relevant to any information,concept, teaching. Saw a documentary on the making of “Bladerunner” recently. It showed how the density of the art was difficult for financiers, critics and audiences to get to grips with. Yet we now see it as an iconic step in film making. As a lecturer, I try to remember to always say to the audience ( those who are still awake and don’t have rabbit-vacant stares), that it is pointless simply listening for ideas they agree with so that they can validate their current beliefs. The purpose of learning is to go beyond the threshold of what is already held to be true, to push the ways that ideas are connected, to stretch the neural net in considering what hasn’t been considered. This is what art does best. And whatever does this is art.

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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