A Profile

The Inevitable


What do we mean when we say “that ______ looks so German!”

To write.  It.

That unnerving pronoun – the impossibility nothing is.

And probable.

The work of understanding.  While standing under rain.  The gravity of melancholy.

Resulting in a study of colors.  As related to moods.

Desired solitude.  Desiring.  An oxymoron.  (To solitude).

What would you desire in solitude?  (While playing with yourself).

The “with” would be the problem.

Ever positing an other.


“we must each retain (and be granted) our uniqueness, even as we retain our relevance –

which is to say our interrelatedness”

-Lyn Hejinian-

In other words it is possible that we yearn for uniqueness and relevance, both requiring something else.

However might one be uniquely alone?  And still recognize red?

Or relevance?  (in solitude)?

The antimony that meaning is.

Meaning, nothing.  Large terms stripped of their content.  Yet undone.

If, then.  If infinity, then an eternity of incompletion.

Is that what you wanted?

Like desiring wholeness.  Oxymoron.

Living is logically incompatible.



Upon viewing the sketch like a mirror.  Its frenzy.  Its worry.  An uncertain field of marks.

Energy moves.

Impossible object, in other words.  The world never calmer than an excited child with a squirming pup, in front of a camera.  Using your eyes as camera is moving in barely calculable jitters.  Each second.

How we view the world.  Ourselves.  Skittering fragments, objectless, composing subjective states, the subject of which, well, frankly, is subjectless, being, as it is, subjective.

A field, a spray, a flickering shower.  Drowning in waves.  Particles and fragments, all strung together without points of contact.

Inevitable delay.  Perception.  Duller senses.

Process requiring instants = moments = past.

Hardship of irony.  What one pays for attention.  Tolls of false awareness.  Delayed.  A logical impossibility.  I.e. “presence” (presently).

Lucky for suffixes as arbitrary denotations.  Arbitrarying.

Their simultaneity (e.g. –ed, -ing, -“ “).


You might say we “locked eyes” (past tense signifying long enough to catch up to the present experience thereby missing out on the initial wonder).

Processed cheese is not the same.

Fortunately every synapse of the factory also makes up now (as it makes it up) making up experience in order to.  Experience.

Some animals delight in chasing their tales (that was a genuine error there, though the audience following Moses following Discontent following Freud).  Tails, then.  Or heads.  Each swallowing another.

You know what I mean.  Swatting at air.

Meaning, well, nothing = something (and vacuous nevertheless).  Than?


Equals ever updating profile passed, passing, will pass, NOW.


It’s inevitable.