And then there’s this…This will destroy you

Memory + expected future = obscure present, distorted present, non?-present?

And then there’s this…

Should you be able to manage it…

11 minutes of solitude, today…

if you have nice noise-reducing headphones – even better!

if you can find a spot by the sea, by a slow-moving river,

some room in the home unlikely to be entered

a porch, in view of trees,

door shut, lying on bed…

car seat back parked remotely, inviolately…


you might be able to be immersed

for 11 minutes


with this

and allow

and for no reason pause before the 8.44 mark.


The Gifted

a pretty obvious take, but in the midst of a nearly impossible week,

it’s what i could do…Friday Fictioneers 6-14-2013

Copyright -John Nixon

The obvious one.  Anyone could tell.  The way he bobbed his head in traffic or nodded slowly in the wind, syncopating steps with the train rails’ click-clack, fingers never still at the table – proverbially whistling as he worked.  Even his breath had a cadence – nary emitting verbal lines without their shaping tones.  Foot bevel harmonizing crossed-legged knee bounce – friends said “he always had it in him.”  Phrasing his rises and his falls.  Ears ever plugged wide open – he tasted and he touched, he heard, saw and smelled the world as sound.  He really was into music.