December 11, 2011

It’s wet in Kansas.  Finally.

Listening to Max Richter – “Sarah’s Key” soundtrack and “Die Fremde”

My wife is home.

Ideal-ish sorts of things.

Planning to start a new longer project.

Thinking these things:

“Language arises in the life of the individual through an ongoing exchange of meanings with significant others…language is a shared meaning potential…the context plays a part in determining what we say; and what we say plays a part in determining the context”

-M.A.K. Halliday-

“Only in the stream of thought and life do words have meaning”

-Ludwig Wittgenstein-

“…in writing, one cannot say anything extraneous to writing”

-Italo Calvino-

“..we would have very little if we only had words.  What we need are the presences that words leave in dotted lines in their mysterious intervals, and that words in themselves cannot restore to life”

-Yves Bonnefoy-

“Zeno, pressed as to whether anything is at rest, replied: ‘Yes, the flying arrow rests'”

-Franz Kafka-

Good night.  And good luck.