New poem attempt

A Depiction of Language

A moonbeam –

soft and aqueous substance

originating between me and thee                                  my hello-ing gesture –

a tender amorphous bridge                                            your response


A spear –

forked tongues jetting out and piercing

punctuating pores of the face                                         brutal slap-shout

bulleting pellets                                                                and rebuff


Clouds breathed back and forth –

exchange. CPR.

At least one body to at least another                  his melodious expression of love

mouthing bubbles to be tasted on the tongue                and its passage through

                                                                                     the orchestra shell of her heart

Spit and kisses –

a whistle, a sneeze

particles and organisms                                                        information posited –

systematically forging highways and rails                         process


A jetstream

a rope bridge                                                                          demand and reprieve

chaos and string at once,

cosmos and culture


growing itself, itself growing

like that, to and fro, an oscillation,                                    a medium –

teeth tapped toggles                                                              its composition

parasitically nested inside the ear.

N Filbert 2011

after Wallace Stevens & William Bronk (2 heroes)

What Is: Real

It’s the initial question, it seems to me: the Unanswerable One.

The query and experiment, the apparently necessary or natural one, the one seemingly inherent, the one for which there can be no verification or results.  No development, no progress, no advance.

It would appear that we can add to what we “know.”  We seem imminently, even outrageously capable of “belief.”  And we pass judgments accordingly – basing them on descriptions and experience.

Things like pain and harm, pleasure and enjoyment.  And on things like survival, like getting to “be.”

But the question remains, all the same.  Always here, always unsatisfied.

And we are always here, and then always gone.

But the question remains: the Unanswerable One.

No proofs exist.

-N Filbert

Deaf Beethoven

Terrible things will happen to us even as

we hold each other to hold them off even as,

elsewhere, atoms disintegrate and stars

explode and niether are they of consequence

to what really happens without we know

if it does or how, the real unmodified

and deaf to what the deaf Beethoven heard.

-William Bronk

“any problem that has an answer isn’t important enough”

-Gary Miranda-

“The only really difficult and insoluble problems are those which we cannot formulate,

because they have the difficulties of life itself as their content.”

-Franz Kafka-