Man-O’-Word’s Summer Reading List


from top-to-bottom as they appear at this moment on the table

Fyodor Dostoevsky – Dostoevsky’s Occasional Writings

Joe Bolton – The Last Nostalgia

Susan Howe – The Midnight

Laurie Sheck – Captivity

Ann Smock – What is There to Say?

Jerome Klinkowitz – The Self-Apparent Word

William Gass – On Being Blue

Mikita Brottman – The Solitary Vice: Against Reading

Arkadii Dragomoshchenko – Description

Cees Nooteboom – The Following Story

Craig Watson – 0.10

Susan Howe – Frame Structures

Lyn Hejinian – The book of a thousand eyes

Ron Loewinsohn – Goat Dances

Li-Young Lee – Rose and The City in Which I Love You

Philip Levine – They Feed They Lion and The Names of the Lost

Galway Kinnell – A New Selected Poems

Robert Hass – Human Wishes

Macedonio Fernandez – The Museum of Eterna’s Novel

Lance Olsen – Girl Imagined by Chance

Fyodor Dostoevsky – Notes from Underground (a new translation)

Lynne Tillman – This is Not It

Ben Marcus – The Flame Alphabet

Viktor Shklovsky – Bowstring

W. M. Spackman – The Complete Fiction

Louis Zukofsky – “A”

many parallel stacks and resources…but that’s the immediate meal!


8 thoughts on “Man-O’-Word’s Summer Reading List

  1. What a nice list… and also seems so exciting too… I noted most of them for my book list. Thank you dear N Filbert, how much I want to read them… Love, nia

  2. Michael Wais

    Reblogged this on Vive la Rock n Roll and commented:
    I don’t believe that any of these are about or related to the still visual arts in any way, but they’re still some excellent examples of controversial and iconoclastic literary works. Since my main focus has always been an interest in language and words (which relates to how much I enjoy writing about art), I just felt like sharing @Manoftheword’s most recommended summer reads! Tell me if you recommend any of these books if you have an opportunity to read any of them this summer.

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