And yet

shuffling through my papers and bags from the “vacation”-ing, I found these pages…uncertain what more to do with them…

The Advance


In the looping that making is

swing back

tie around

and move forward,

if you make it through

you will stretch toward

if not

you will bunch up

stopped and



somehow in a form;


The passing through –

the trick of things –

like camels

and eyes of needles

or coyotes

tricking their prey –

Not always,

but sometimes,

it works.


More prevalently

we create bonds

that only loosen

when undone

or serve

to strangle

Neither / nor

Either / or

a kind of be / have

if you will

you will feel

that you won’t

but no matter


Letters are made

for the unconscious

something akin to




from metaphorical wells

their multi-meanings,

depending on

what’s growing there.




For instance

finding what you’ve put away

if not uncovered,

comes in snippets.

Like remembering

we advance

in casting back and forth

across a scene –

it’s only details

attention finds

and alters

with the looking

like a spy

proffers suspicion

or a guru

marking growth


it’s in our nature –

though we cannot know that –

in our nature too

the combination:


and desire,

a synonym

for knowledge

if we “get it.”

I don’t get it,

I be / have

and therefore lose

much of what I had coming


Alas, but it is day

and meaning rises

first one thing

and then another

by my measure,



and untoward;

we have our  myths –

our dreams and visions –

our feeble truths

for what they’re worth,

a clumsy journeying



when be and have

are one (none)

N Filbert 2012

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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