Points of a Journey

Thank goodness (again) for Friday Fictioneers – fostering the insistence and reprieve of manageable creative work when I’m finding it ever so hard to pull away from endless research.  I always mean to set aside a little time, or “get to it” at a break – and just write awhile…but days have a way of eluding me.  So thank you Rochelle et. al. for the weekly prompt and community that kindly obligates us to create, at least a few paragraphs, 100 words (I borrowed 9 from Doug).  A healthy distraction.

copyright-Rich Voza

            The beginning is filled with arrivals/departures, dogfights of fly-bys and paradise islands.  Ecstasy and remorse, all seeped in the past and aimed toward a future, took place in realms  in-between.  Between a rock and hard place, between the cities we called home, between obligations and accidents, here and there, me and you.

In the long middle we developed mistrust and fostered desire.  Building on distance with dependencies and betrayals.  Which flies faster – a sparrow?  Depends which side the wings are on.  We flew and we crashed.  We survived.

Bringing us to the end, the point at which we always arrive, together.

N Filbert 2013

37 thoughts on “Points of a Journey

  1. i have a question – this line: “Depends which side the wings are on.” i’m not quite sure what it means. can you help me out?

  2. I’m not certain myself Rich. I think it can be universally applied. That whole q & a is a joke I heard often during my time in Hungary and it would just keep going on and on with “meaningless” (illogical) phrases, but it always started that way. It hangs there for me (I think) as an example of the irrational ways we navigate and proceed in relationship – sometimes laughable, sometimes brutal, but often averring shared senses. Or, I liked the way it sounded and jogged the piece, tied in by flight?

  3. yes, works for the irrational ways of making conversation either to avoid the silence or avoid the obvious about that relationship. so in that sense, yes it works. thanks for the reply.

  4. A lot of thoughts stuffed into your 100 words this week. I love the phrase “the long middle” – We’re always so desperate to get to the end, to the next stage, that we forget to enjoy our own ‘long middles’. You’ve got my brain whirring with this story. thank you.

  5. Tom Poet

    “In the long middle we developed mistrust and fostered desire.”…a great line that can be applied to not only relationships but to the whole way we are conditioned to go through life. Poetic and thought provoking as always.


  6. Excellent writing. Excelling. Your writing is so good it makes me angry! (That I didn’t write it). Find the archetype, find the theme (she says to herself). I hated the prompt this week. I am sick and upset this week. Wrote rubbish story. But I’ll let it be and learn from it. Should write about why I hated the prompt. Ann

  7. yes there have certainly been some I only feel antagonistic toward. Thanks for your kind words regarding mine. Some powerful writing might come of that hate!

  8. Oh only a passing childish jealous fit, not hatred. When I get my hands on next week’s photo I will wrrrrrrring an archetype from it if its the last thing I do for five minutes.

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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