Friday Fictioneers 2/22 : The House that Jack Built

In keeping with the minimum-creative-work-capacity provided by the stimulus of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at Friday Fictioneers, this week’s brief composition:

Copyright-Janet Webb

The House that Jack Built

Whatever he put his hand to.  Didn’t seem to matter.  Oh he had the will and the brawn – the heart – he was a determined man.  Yeah, the fence does look nice, dad built that.  But the house, that was Jack’s doing.  Parents said he was always that way.  Everything he touched.  Marriages, parenting, education, work.  Big dreams and fine intentions, with a flair for entropy – DIY and disorder.  Always came to pieces, his doing the undoing of whatever he done.  Easy and difficult to love on so many levels.  This house only one of ‘em.  It’s amazing anything still stands.

N Filbert 2013

19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 2/22 : The House that Jack Built

  1. ‘It’s amazing anything still stands’. I am Jack, you are Jack, we are all Jack. Well done on another work of art. I love the music, despite the one unnecessary apostrophe.

  2. elmediat

    I know of people like that. With experience in Special Education, I have wondered how many people with some form of attention deficit/processing problems end up living a life in disarray. In the “old days” they saw a character flaw. Now we recognize, at least to a degree, that people are sometimes trapped in their own neurological array.

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