The journey

Just a little note on this project – Holly and I will be the first recipients and will produce a response or our engagement with Emily‘s work here and then send it along its way! Writers/Artists/Bloggers – check out the project and contact searchingtosee if interested or want to become a part of this photograph’s journey!






I have sent the photograph today. Here is a little bit about its past life:

It is an old photograph, which started life as a transparency, and I have had re-printed. I took this photograph over 10 years ago now, on an Olympus OM-4. The film was Fuji, but I forget now whether it was velvia or sensia, unfortunately. I took the picture as part of a larger project about in-between spaces. When I was trying to think of a photograph to send on this journey (it seemed an impossible task!), I spent a long time searching around in my brain until I came up with this one. I wanted to send something old which I could make new for the project. Something which already had some history, and personal meaning to me. It was taken whilst on a journey, and so it seemed fitting to use it as a…

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