Of Objects and Artefacts

Friday Fictioneers, April 26, 2013

Copyright-Claire Fulller

I stepped up to read.  I.  Stepped up.  To read.  Probability, readiness, obligation.  The ambiguities.

A body, emotive, sensitive, intentional – in an environment that includes me.

In a state.  For an activity.  Motional, potentially controllable: possessions, perceptions, cognition.

A circumstance, a situation.  Complex phenomenon.  Elaborating, extending, enhancing.

Time and place replete with past, present and future.  Here, now.  Ordinary, occasional, simple things – processes.

Being, doing, sensing.  Thinking, feeling, seeing, saying.  Behaving.  Acting, changing, being created.  Existing.  Having identity and attributes, symbolizing.  Relation is all.  The relations of relations.

We interact.

N Filbert 2013