On Friendship: dialogue, conversation and becoming

I noted that my 2nd anniversary with WordPress has just passed – bringing out an old, somewhat clunky and stuttered attempt at addressing essential transformative and reciprocal relations… Thanks all!

Polysemic Stupor

A Letter to Friends (far and near, now and future):

On Friendship, Dialogue and Conversation

(even those “silenced to pieces” – Paul Celan)


Addressing an interminable oath, a perhaps-always, perhaps-never, but surely an “only.”  Friendship.

Either there runs an essential conversation, in the realm of the impossible, that is, the meaningless, or there does not.  Meaningless, like infinity, like being, like love – each lying somewhere beyond rationality, or knots of multiplicity, that is, items we are capable of naming, or calling (calling-out toward) but which do not, ever, add up.

Things that are, that are unable to be explained.  At times we call out to them as “paradoxes,” “mysteries,” “ideas,” “sensations,” “beliefs,” and so on, these “entities”(?) “concepts” (?) – “observable creations” that require one another to be, but cannot be identified in themselves (e.g. “same”/”different”; “self”/”other”; “silence”/”noise”; “presence”/”absence”; and so on).  “Things” (?? – but what to…

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4 thoughts on “On Friendship: dialogue, conversation and becoming

  1. Congratulations dear N Filbert, one of beautiful thing in this blogging world to meet with you. Yes, maybe I can’t be in these dialogues because of my language, but I read, and I try to understand and when I understand how makes me excited… and hits me, inspires, makes me to think… and how nice there are some names of authur/poet/philosphers that we both like… so it is not possible to be far away from your writing world. Your writing helps me in many ways… On the other hand, how amazing, if I were near you, I would be a good friend for you both, your beautiful and creative wife and you, the distance being disappeared when you start to know someone in writing world… To be friend… I smile now, because you know “Oh, no there is no friend, my friends”… Derrida and years ago Aristotle were thinking like that… I wished to see them today and to discuss… Yes, you are my friend, you would be a nice friend in real life too. Thank you for sharing with us, Thank you being there You, Blessing and happiness, with my love, nia

  2. Patrick jennings

    Three things:

    Strange and beautiful —-that my embarrassingly effort-full ramblings on subjects I feel compelled to pronounce on, despite an always present realization that I am not really up to the task— might be read in far off Kansas—a wild and beautiful place I know only from my childhood love affair with the western movie….

    Strange and beautiful …. the thought of such a huge, diverse, multifaceted, wild, civilized, violent, ordinary , surreal landmass America—a continent and a continent away—on which I now have a very small presence thanks to N Filbert

    Strange and beautiful—- all the things I would put right in my own efforts are on display here… a way of writing from what Gendlen calls the situation and usually renders thus (…) since there is no word for the always in process infinite multiplicity we like to call the ‘real’

    Best wishes from an Irishman in Switzerland

  3. Your attention and support does bring blessing and happiness Nia. We appreciate your encouragement and generosity very much. Thank you. Indeed, some kind of friendship is crafted in the dialogue of these networked connections – tanglings along through the artifacts crafted and shared. Thank you for participating with us, reading so carefully and kindly and offering your work as well – Always, all the best – N

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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