Locations in the Mapping of Meaning

In my efforts to ground and attend to my experience and express it with honesty (see Opening the Hand) I have developed a map of locations – realms of the process that have risen as prominent regions within the difficulty, effort, grief, growth and procession of engaging dramatic change…  You can view it here:  Locations on the Map of Meaning.

To view the text for each mode, simply hover over the nodes title, click or press the + button or the down arrows beneath each location title to see full content.  Some nodes lead to further nodes or you can use the buttons along the bottom of the screen.  Repeating my former disclaimer…

All of this is to say that I plan a series of posts that will be intensely personal, self-revelant, my own way of reaching toward my experience, my being, and selecting language with which to mark it down – for re-memory, re-cognition, observation, reception, attention, account.  These are journal entries, frankly.  They are what I have to write.  I am calling them “Mapping the Meaning.”  Since I know very few of you personally, in your whole presence, I expect confession, inquiry, and its self-circular expression to genuinely interest or benefit very few of you.  For me, it is writing with an open hand.”

Locations on the Map of Meaning

11 thoughts on “Locations in the Mapping of Meaning

  1. Reblogged this on The Mirror Obscura and commented:
    I have been following Hurly-Burly for some time and I believe that he has always something worth reading. Today I thought he offered something particularly courageous and thought provoking. Please give it some time to look it over. >KB

  2. I really appreciate your time and attention. I should have had your name on there – while in London you were posting a dear variety of poems around love, loving and its pains…helped me a great deal. I thank you for those as well. Your work has gravity.

  3. Well I think at the time of those poems I had just gotten divorced and it seemed to loom large in my perspective. But I think there really are only two subjects in the world and they come down to Love and Death. Everything else falls in between. Best>KB

  4. JLA

    Beautiful. Puts me in mind of the cover (at least of my copy) of Franzen’s The Discomfort Zone. Hope the map continues to reveal new trails to – and from – You.

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"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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