Where the Summer has Gone


WordPress peers and inspiring friends – new love, new work, busy summer offspring and the above explain my lack of involvement here.  Autumn approaches, new semesters, school year beginning, and so on.  I SO hope to be active in your company again.  I appreciate your comments and patience.  What a large thing life is.

As I catch up on your works – I am SO thankful for the talents, visions, expressions, idiosyncratic thought and emotion that each of you have found a particular and meaningful (and SIGNIFICANT in whatever medium) way to realize in this forum.  I appreciate it greatly and am truly humbled and grateful for these odd and generative connections.


image from the reading replete with lifeguard (son), hostess handing out favors (buttons, nipples), stewardess serving odd mixtures of airline snacks, a priest blessing and moving people around, a waitress and a dapper emcee, a basket of fortunes created by my daughter, and myself wandering the space reading pieces and climbing on things.


5 thoughts on “Where the Summer has Gone

  1. aubrey

    The event must have been eclectic and eccentric. Would have liked to have been there! Were you reading to yourself or out loud as you were climbing? Either sounds quite appealing.

    And a ‘basket of fortunes’? So magic-like.

  2. I was walking around reading out loud, then tossing the pieces aside or handing them to listeners, saying “now that we’ve got that out of the way..” or somesuch. Sometimes I’d perch on a stool or chair or back of a couch, sit next to people, look at the wall with the images, then read another piece… it was really satisfying and totally took away the nervousness of being at a podium or the separateness of author/listener… Thank you!

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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