Anthropophobia: or, the Trouble with Misanthropy

Anthropophobia: or, the Danger of Others


Let’s face it:  our primary threat is the Other.

Those alive and breathing, in need.

Replete with sense and emotions, desires.

Thoughts, feelings, and dreams.


Instinct and culture,

Learning and language,

and bodies:

physiques requiring space,

ears, eyes, limbs and digits,

the nerve!(s) and bellies and hearts.

Brains complete with mind and will,

Choice and intent,

the capability to discern.

Sexual organs,



Stealing glances –

the lechery of looking –

what they plunder to hear.

This multitude of selves and their interests,

their tumultuous clamor to survive

and their ubiquity:

disruption of personhoods and presence

leaving The Exit as the only escape.


Most dangerous, Other:

the contact, connection,

and ability to attach.

Insidious deception –

a paradox of similarity,

of kind –

some others so like

as to be indistinguishable,

from our selves.


2 thoughts on “Anthropophobia: or, the Trouble with Misanthropy

  1. Beautiful. Who was it that said (more succinctly than I), the moment we see ourselves as separate (and better) than another, we have started the process of violence towards them? All my favorite philosophers seem to agree One and the Other need each other, linguistically and mundanely. Thanks for the poetry, true poetry.

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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