new blog series…in parts…Up With the Words


– a philosophy-of-language series –

in the sociology of knowledge

In handwriting, the relation of Being to man, namely the word, is inscribed in beings themselves”

-Martin Heidegger-

Saying ceases to signify: it reveals realities that are unintelligible and untranslatable

but not incomprehensible. It does not signify, yet at the same time

it is impregnated with meaning.”

-Octavio Paz-

I’ and not-‘I’…one projecting the outer world to the inside,

the other projecting the inside to the outer world [perception],

as a result of mutual conditioning…

language creation occurs where new layers of reality and insight

are opened up.”

-Hermann Broch-

full of you’ll never know what will turn up”

-Madeline Gins-

Part 1: Writing at Hand (Drawing from drawing, sketches of the word)

To be rigorously true to real life (living, forming, becoming, always changing, and “full of you’ll never know what will turn up” –Gins) – its core, its essence, an identity or style: FLEXIBILITY.

To be: artifacts in space and time, “beings themselves,” words : inscribed with fullness of life, as fullness of life, into the arena of malleable life.

Object and action. Content informed. Activity and expression. Artifact and energy. Verb-al and signifying. Image and text.

Fluid like air bordering, permeating all things

Substantial like raindrops and rocks – objective presences, assimilable and distinct.

Energy and stasis. Reduced and expansive.

Sign and signifiant.

subject and object.


medium and matter

conveyor and creator

virus and vaccine


symbiosis and annihilation of Either/Or

inherent argument against Both/And

Presence and/in/with/through Absence


a thing, an action, a subject, an object, a without-which-perhaps-nothing,

a with-which-very-little

almost nothing


possibility and elimination / among and without

the difference


bridge and abyss, rift and synthesis



perception and preconception. observant and observed. verbal and nominal.

comprehensible and ineffable


"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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