High on Words

Again with the word-thing!  I feel immersed and splendored with what language is and does!  Books like Ernesto Sabato’s Angel of Darkness and Macedonio Fernandez’s The Museum of Eterna’s Novel.  Adam Thirlwell’s Delighted States and Octavio Paz’ Convergences.  Eugenio Montale’s The Poet in Our Time and Jacques Roubaud’s Loop.  J.R. Firth’s Papers in Linguistics and Kierkegaard’s Philosophical Fragments.  Madeline Gins’ Helen Keller or Arakawa or C.S. Peirce on signs.  The verbal object astounds and amazes me in its flexibility and invention, its capacities and catalystics.  Simply holds me enthralled!

For instance:  I draw a line (scribble a text) and immediately there are two parts which are inseparable.  How describe that activity?  Did I separate or unite?  Both.  The difference.  Bridge and abyss.  Rift and collapse.  Reduction and expansion.  All in this active solution, signs gestures language.  Yeesh!

Celebrate today!  Ingest and create!  Read and speak!  See what words do and ask what would there be without them, whether inner speech or conversation, engagement with the world or invention of the self.  See how far words go!