one of my favoritest writers ever… and i say this one is beautiful and rich


      Born a skipping stone 

        pray tell 
                  you sing 
    what promise? 
                  series of hours 

the stirring gift 
                  again recall 

   think to study 

        the press 
               chart of 
     this life 


               greet year 


    a kindness 
               over strawberries 
 wishing me 42 
   a story for 
                    worth a year 

     new songs 
from that wish 

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Manifold Instants of “I”

If you happen to have curiosity around the function and latitude of the letter “I” in the human realms (as “I” certainly do)…here is a book that delightfully provides an invigorating wealth of instants and instances to consider…

Vanishing Point by Ander Monson

and I recommend it to all levels of readers…highly

The following stories…


“Life evolves in a thread of knots that get more and more tangled.

The narrative segments are intentionally dislocated and rearranged,

so the knots become the characters, as it were.”

-Viktor Shklovsky-

            The impression like a manual typewriter’s arm – thunk! – left in either hemisphere… (they say)

begins knotting and tangling

as additional – thwap! – embossings are left.

“Obsessed, bewildered

By the shipwreck

Of the singular

We have chosen the meaning

Of being numerous”

-George Oppen-


The following story.


Not that the answers were handled judiciously (judgmentally?) or even weighed or considered.

No answers given to evaluate or direct…

The question(s) already condemned.


“Shouldn’t be –“  “Too young – “ “Can’t handle – “


-(Pastor. Parent. Teacher. Friend.)-

But not books, not texts, not words…

…these welcomed them…

…welcomed me

Words seem to love being dislocated and rearranged and then marked into question.

In fact, for the reader, each word of a sentence or phrase, exposed on a page, seems to wonder itself!

As if language were a query.  Inquiry.

Something to begin with.


The following story.

Aged 12.

“Your reasoning’s wrong” (some voice, any voice, whap!, it stuck)

Awry.  Twisted.  Disfigured.  Maimed.

“That’s not the right question…ought not be questioned at all…!”

“Thus saith the Lord (a.k.a. the “Word”)

(to which I added my mark – “?” :

– is it the Word?  What Word? and Whose? let alone How?

and ever the too many “Whys?”

(those have quieted now)

But I devoted myself to fashioning questions,

so that even descriptions or

statements of fact…question themselves

as if essential, inherent to this medium,

of its nature

Smack! –