Noteworthy (not noteworthy – “omniscient observing” – worthy!!)

I continually conclude that these two are up to something unique and astounding in American letters:




i advise you fervently…be aware

Remarking Mark Remarking

Greetings readers.  I’ve been in a bit of a swirl or “swarm” of information, activity, relation and language of late, nothing wrong with it really, but its producings have seemed a bit ephemeral, inchoate, more wisps than winds.  Yesterday as I sat to work, a new character introduced himself to my scribbling hand…here’s a sort of mock-up or intro to that relation.  I’d love to hear what you think?  Is he interesting?  Are his thoughts?  Should he live?  🙂

Thank you SO much, each viewer and reader for taking time out of your lives which must be as busy as the rest of us, to listen and look at my blog and my work.  This community has significantly grown my courage.

Remarking Mark Remarking

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