“…I do not know what to do…

We begin, or end, there.”

“while poetry will be the clear, the fact of the head, 

prose will be the coming, and going.  Around.

…It is not a matter of better, or worse.  There is no competition.”

-Robert Creeley-

current efforts / byproducts


Imagined Hike with Companion

(for S.K.)

Looking at you

as into a tree

full of running water,

that steady,

that moving,

an attempt at description

of cognitive complexity

and integrity,

my friend

you exhibit fidelity,

similitude of redundancy,

my familiar

coupled with surprise

or invention,

the information

your embeddedness enacts

with this world

of flowing waters

and sturdy trees.

N Filbert 2012


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Your Own Story

For over a month I have faced the following on my desk:

created for me and delivered with a a sheaf of empty pages and a stapled complete story by my precious daughter Ida, aged 8:

Ida aged 8


I am passing it along to each of you…as I struggle with the task…

“One needs to have wandered a lot, to have taken many paths, to realize, when all is said and done,

that at no moment one has left one’s own…

…To forget in order to know; to know in order to fill up the forgotten, in its own time.”

-Edmond Jabes-