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Lisa Thatcher

HENRY” is a new bi-yearly magazine in Le Zaporogue’s free press collection.

It is a magazine about literature, arts, music, philosophy and those who make it by those who make it, in other words, writers, artists, musicians and philosophers.

It will be a heartfelt magazine about passion and creation, far from the traditional academic literary mags.

It’s all about first-hand experience, thoughts and feelings.

Of course, loving amateurs are welcome, as “HENRY” hates snobbery and small mindedness.

It is a place of freedom and quality, where there is no sterile categorizations, nor themes – all genres are welcome, all  periods, all fields.

The editors are Seb Doubinsky and Lisa Thatcher, both enlightened amateurs in a variety of fields.

The magazine is named after Henry Miller, a writer we both have a great passion for.

Call for Submissions

The first publication of Henry will come out in January 2013.

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