Dear Readers, in searching for something on my own site today, I noticed that by changing my theme to a “cleaner” “fresher” looking theme, I lost the ability to nest pages within pages.  Which led to an eruption of pages at the heading, which looks awfully conflated and complicated and distracting to me.

Bear with me as I engage disentangling…or find a new theme…or, most likely, return to the one that was working so well.

Seasons change beckoned…alas.

Thanks always, each, for visiting.  I’ll try to make it more pleasant, soon.

carrying on



Moving toward the mighty visions

the forearm

fighting good and evil

obsessed by both

from all sides


with messaging death


stark full dreams

veins wound deep

in muscle

19th-20th centuries

with all the promise

in music

and results


nightmarish stark and full


an arm-wrestle bind

Dostoevsky, Schiele and Pessoa

self-portraited heteronymity

stark, full, and free

to battle each self

against its own ideas

and to fail

seeking the hope


turning at the elbow

into suicide

bleary-eyed will

and glitz of fantasy

David Foster Wallace

and kin

struggling still

full of stark dreams


leaping Lorca


inside others

yet not actually

sharp turn at the elbow

strength unto strength

to follow through


with one’s own hand


sliding over shoulder and neck

(only there to support the head

and hold it all together)

moving on to its description

sketchy self-portraiture

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