Circling Empty Wells

sifting through ignored piles of the semester


another “reject” as it were from the collaborative work with  Quirk’n It

we call it “circling the well”

this devoted dance

in which all paths

point to the gap.


we want to be loved

for who we “are”

some true self




in the midst of

the rest of us

is “all.”


we touch the tiles

and read them

when we can

mapping our approach


to the heart.

The urn is empty –

perhaps the strongest clue

that our dancing fills it.

N Filbert 2013

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A lightening, a delicious weight

The semester is beginning to dissolve, moments opening up for readings that wander further afield… the pleasure of not squeezing freedoms into necessity however inextricably they are entwined… the reprieve arrives today in the form of:

“What is to be understood through seeing and hearing (even if not at first glance) cannot be too far removed from what is already known.  As incomparably as something unutterable may be expressed at times in a gesture, a grouping, a picture of feeling, or an event, this always happens only in immediate proximity to the word; as something hovering, so to speak, around its core of meaning, which is the real element of humanity…the essence of the person does not reside in his experiences and feelings but in his silent, persistent quarrelling and coming to terms with them.”

-Robert Musil-

Additional “freedom fare:”

Of Objects and Artefacts

Friday Fictioneers, April 26, 2013

Copyright-Claire Fulller

I stepped up to read.  I.  Stepped up.  To read.  Probability, readiness, obligation.  The ambiguities.

A body, emotive, sensitive, intentional – in an environment that includes me.

In a state.  For an activity.  Motional, potentially controllable: possessions, perceptions, cognition.

A circumstance, a situation.  Complex phenomenon.  Elaborating, extending, enhancing.

Time and place replete with past, present and future.  Here, now.  Ordinary, occasional, simple things – processes.

Being, doing, sensing.  Thinking, feeling, seeing, saying.  Behaving.  Acting, changing, being created.  Existing.  Having identity and attributes, symbolizing.  Relation is all.  The relations of relations.

We interact.

N Filbert 2013

The Secret(s). The Key(s). For Everyone. The Next One.

Someone recently tagged this post I had long forgotten came from somewhere within me…re-reading it re-opened and helped provide direction or remembrance to some interrogative purpose… thank you WordPress-ers

Polysemic Stupor

“He opens Nothing, with a nothing key” (Macedonio Fernandez)

 (Arkadii Dragomoschenko) “Everything begins as an error of vision…”


            Time.  How it fluctuates.  The excruciating and seemingly eternal wait…and that which occurs suddenly.  Whether it exists or not, we live on its terms.  Experienced, as with everything, to varying intensities.



Topical, temporal, terms.

Age-old commonplace: does movement (spatial) fragment a continuum (temporal)? or does some urge toward continuance (temporal) spawn diverse actions (spatial)?  Chicken or egg?  Or chicken in egg withwhile an egg in the chicken?  Choose your poisons.  Or not.  The terms preside.


When are we most apt to accede to the passage (spatial) that is (of) time?  Alternately referred to as “aging,” “progress,” “growth,” “erosion,” “deterioration,” “process” and so on.  Some quote/unquote “motion” variously rendered (perspectivally perceived).

Serial designations.  Arbitrarily “first,” “second,” “third,” “last.”  “Beginning,” “middling,” “end” (-ing).  Sounds and rhythms (consonant-verb syllables)…

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A Complexity of Signs

“I had another friend who was so certain that the only way he could identify himself was through language and further by losing himself as object within language that he lost his mind, possibly within language as well, but I never knew what the hell he was talking about.”

– Percival Everett by Virgil Russell-

and highly recommended