Other Writing Wisdom

“Writing is a question of becoming, always incomplete, always in the midst of being formed, and goes beyond the matter of any livable or lived experience.

It is a process, that is, a passage of Life that traverses both the livable and the lived.

Writing is inseparable from becoming.”

-Gilles Deleuze-

from article Literature & Life (read full here)

4 thoughts on “Other Writing Wisdom

  1. Writing is simply the defamation of a clean page with squiggles until it is hatched into meaning-pictures within another brain. Quantum fields, elementary particles, cloud chambers, disintegration, transformation and reconstitution. Instant soup and Philosopher’s Stone……’Was’ coded, transmitted, (planted in darkened volumes), becoming “Is-Was”, making memories that are imagined, real. Viral remembering how to…

  2. petrujviljoen

    Re the image to this post and to simonhlily’s comment: exposing nerve ends. Wish I was braver.

  3. the entire article – “Literature and Life” by Deleuze, Critical Inquiry Winter 1997 addresses the depersonalization – specificity of writing….interestingly

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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