The Unknown and Unnamed recalculates and barrels on…

“& knowing from

the look of the others

that a panic has come

into your own eye

to know yourself only

as an instance

-Ron Loewinsohn-

            Am I indeed no/w/here – is this a place to founder?

Are you here too?  Now?  And what might that mean?  (Or is that already to abstract, extract, exit to a changing no/w/here?)

I have my concepts.  I have my doubts.

I am unidentifiable, no/w/here.

If you happen to find me (or dis-cover?) would you please point me out?  Just a gesture will do.

You can use the simplest sign, that concept, just a dash, a briefest line – “/”.

Or a slapdash curly loop to momentarily contain it all in, all of that malleable nothing with thousands of experiences passing through: .

Loop-the-loop-de-loop go the organs and wires, the pores of the flesh, the nerves and the neurons, the veins and cells…

I am bewildered.

I think I am a concept.  (I thought I was a verb).

I get the joke!  “I think” – I am a verb.

So runs the conception.


The ?/’I’ Barrels On…(the Unknown and Unnamed recalculates)


Empty concept or full flow, he advances (advances?) – he verbs.


He acts.  The marking concept, the tiny scratch – ‘/’ – goes on, regardless (of my regarding).


This is IT.  (was IT and becomes so again) as ‘/’ act.

This unknown, unnamed subject/object absent presence moves like a filter screen being swished through a tub of air always tagged “IT,” (if this were a game).  Is IT?

Beginning from no/w/here and heading there too, and always at once…

it’s downright unsettling!  (literally – there is no settling or pause!)

I find (without actually locating a thing, even a speck or a fragment, not “conceived”) I am always no/w/here, and that no-place is always (ALWAYS) changing, moving, different(ly).

Unknown(-able?)  Unnamed(-able?)  Unlocated(-able?)

            Homo Scribus (homo-anything!) – person-as-verb – erases as it writes, deletes as it constructs, falsifies as it truths, acts in its passivity,

ever equaling the equation at zero!


I’ve gotta steer clear of math, of physics…I don’t compute!

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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