The Incident


The Incident

The evidence was stark and slim.

A photograph of akimbo’d limbs against a whitened sky.  A dark bird.

The detectives were at a loss, many losses, and uncertain of how to proceed.

They called in “the expert,” a wizened old crackpot retiree who still seemed to capture things no one else could.

He was sent for and trundled his bulk up the sidewalk later that day, grimacing and cursing his way to the station.

Huffing and grunting, he picked up the picture between leathered forefinger and cracked swollen thumb.  He squinted.

“All I can tell you boys, is that it sho’ ain’t no murder.  A murder involves always  more than the one.”

N Filbert 2012

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24 thoughts on “The Incident

  1. Being a lover of words, I especially appreciate your use of adjectives here and as I’ve always loved “arms akimbo”, I like “akimbo’d limbs.” I wonder where this story goes. I imagine a hanging body, but who knows? And if the “expert” says it’s no murder, what is it? I still suspect (so to speak), murder.

  2. Neat use of collective noun and ambiguity. Clever and I think you have sent some of your readers down a blind alleyway with your sense of mischief. I will be watching you closely from now on.

  3. “A photograph of akimbo’d limbs against a whitened sky.  A dark bird.” These sentences really capture the mood of the photo, on first glance (or read-over) it is merely description, but then it sets the scene quite clearly.

    “A murder involves always  more than the one.” I also liked this line, really expresses the old time’s voice.

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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