“Language is a thing: it is a written thing, a bit of bark, a sliver of rock, a fragment of clay in which the reality of the earth continues to exist.”

Maurice Blanchot



Getting back into A swing of things, I’ve missed the past couple of prompts for the wonderful mixed company of creatives that take part in the Friday Fictioneers (yes, please DO join us!).  So here’s to restarting refreshed…

Copyright-Roger Cohen


So this is our journey.  No way out of it.  Bound together, bound apart, bounded in.  We call it “Situation.”  Shared in common.  Held by circumstance.  Anything might bow us, but both will be effected.  The cords behind, some measures of rest, and whatever comes next – it all impacts the song.  Lucky for an other – no sound can be heard if there is only one, if our strings never touch.  Though sometimes cross and crossed over, at others we vibrate one another to the sweetest hum. It happens together in our ever-bordered context – the space of our entanglement.

N Filbert 2013