Sure it runs!

I wasn’t sure I had it in me this week, concocting something from a picture, worth a 100 words (you should try – visit Friday Fictioneers), but I battered and welded something together in the nick of time.   For what it’s worth –

Copyright - Beth Carter

We sang when we made it.  We laughed and we drank and we sang.  So many said that it couldn’t be done.  Not by philosophers.  But why not?  Sappy, crappy and happy we sang.  And we drank.  Marty stole the carts, Jerry supplied the pictures to spur us along – as if they were sure to result.  Trey provided visors and sunglasses, given the absence of roof.  We swore we’d take it 10,000 miles.  10,000 miles a year.  We ditched our courses, thirsty for reasons.

Of course it runs!  Look close – you can tell where it’s been.  Take it further.