The Direction of Dreams

a la Friday Fictioneers – everybody should give it a go!  Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for keeping us prompted…

copyright - Jennifer Pendergast

The Direction of Dreams

My son says he always dreams the same house, strangely enough.  Except with a spiral staircase.  The cartoon girl runs jerkily past.  Perhaps she trips, perhaps there’s a dog in the way, perhaps a lady walking with a stroller.  He doesn’t know the house, he says, but it’s always the same house.  With a spiral staircase, but not a cartoon girl.  I know she’s running though, in fits and starts, with urgency.  Something depends on her speed.  There’s a trying to get somewhere, in any direction.  And direction needs a context.  Something about dreams, spirals and speed.

N Filbert 2013

23 thoughts on “The Direction of Dreams

  1. Tom Poet

    I have noticed a change in your voice, lately….”dreams, spirals and speed” ..captures the hurried feeling of dreams at the point where panic is creeping in and waking are meeting.

  2. Tom Poet

    There are aspects of both that I like. The change seemed to happen after the prompt of the plane and became more apparent after the statue prompt…Am I wrong? Was this intentional?


  3. I would have to go back and examine them with a keener eye/ear/mind! I can say that as far as I am aware change has not been intentional. If we are able, in any way, to observe ourselves, I would theorize that the deeper I am in researching work the more I tend to utilize fiction as a challenge to embodiment or to a more comprehensive experience of creation, hopefully a touch less conditioned by traditional forms of rationality. I don’t know if this relates to the changes you have noticed or not? When I’m not heavily into theories (immediately), I often utilize fiction as the space to explore more fervent abstraction – in other words, my stance in regards to fiction-making is often an attempt to balance or fulfill my immediate wholistic felt needs? Does this shed any light at all? (Is there anything to shed light on!?)

  4. bnatividad

    I like the idea of dreaming the same house each time. My dreams are so not like that! Though often they feature the same people.

  5. Yes it does, you write from the heart and there was nothing deliberate about your change in style. Your answer affirms the many voices inside you.


  6. This definitely has the feel of a dream–some things that make sense, others that don’t, a sense of real unreality, of being caught. I think your writing for FF has become more story-like and comprehensible yet still a bit enigmatic with less of I will call for lack of a better phrase, a stream of consciousness. I think that it’s a good change.


  7. aubrey

    The quick words are like delicious bites – they come with speed, darting about like fish, sometimes swimming in different directions, sometimes joining into a sentence and from there a thrilling thought!

  8. I like the feeling here of your story with the photo… the sense of not exactly sure of what’s going on, but offering just enough to get a sense of the dream and wonder about more.

  9. Very well done. I found myself trying to figure out what was going on with her and why and then remembered, this is a Friday Fictioneers story. Pulled me right in, dreamworld, analysis and all!

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