Never Good With Numbers – 24 May 2013 – Friday Fictioneers

knee-jerk response trying to coax the writing machine within, thanks Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and Friday Fictioneers community

Copyright - Danny Bowman

I was never good with numbers.

I meant, I intended, I felt the pressing need to say, to clarify.  But I was never good with numbers.  At least to specify, remonstrate, apologize, perhaps even to confess.  Certainly profess, express remorse, plead a little, cry.  I wanted you to know.  So many things.  How you struck me, thudded through, infiltrated, saturated, overwhelmed.  How I craved and believed.  What I dreamt.

But I was never good with numbers.


Henry Magazine

Greetings all – thanks to the continuous hard work of Lisa Thatcher et. al., the experimental literary-aesthetic new magazine Henry is live!  I’m excited about this project, not only because Thatcher’s own work and interests are so astute and lively, but the principle of the thing and the open energy of the legacy of Henry Miller.  I invite you all to check it out (helps if you are able to read French), and you will also find a piece of creative writing by myself within.  Thanks Lisa & co., thanks Henry for verve and example, thanks writers and readers – it manifests!

a link to my piece on The Whole Hurly Burly