Stammering Great Literature

“Great literature is written in a sort of foreign language.  To each sentence we attach a meaning, or at any rate a mental image, which is often a mistranslation.  But in great literature all our mistranslations result in beauty”

Marcel Proust

“Having a bag into which I put everything I encounter, provided that I am also put in a bag.  Finding, encountering, stealing instead of regulating, recognizing and judging…It is an assemblage, an assemblage of enunciation.  A style is managing to stammer in one’s own language.  It is difficult, because there has to be a need for such stammering.  Not being a stammerer in one’s speech, but being a stammerer of language itself…writing does not have its end in itself precisely because life is not something personal.  The only aim of writing is life, through the combinations which it draws…and there is no method for finding other than a long preparation…”

-Gilles Deleuze-