Lecture Notes

textual response to Friday Fictioneers Prompt – June 7, 2013


Lost Notes of  a Professor

Lecturing on identity.  Include concepts of time, space, agency, chaos, complexity, iteration, reiteration and in relation to.  Keep in mind change.  Also recursion.  The fractal figurations of memory.  Sciencing as an attempt to pin it down.  Take a photo.  Write a story.  To each their own.  Assignment:  construct an account of identity.  Include:  measurements, observations, evaluations, inferences and evidence.  Question:  How did you come to this?  Lesson:  assemblage, spiral, adaptation, context, situation, complexity.  Perhaps a discursion on open complex and dynamic systems.  Investigate co-constitution.  Temporaneity.  Wish-fulfillment.  Strange attractors.

N Filbert 2013