Please Stand By. Restructuring. Thank You

Thank you.  And I mean that.

The years of blogging, developing manoftheword/The Whole Hurly Burly have been life-changing.  Blogging has enabled me to learn to share my work, to discover what resonates in my work with whom and what sorts of interests.  Blogging has given me courage, most definitely helped me discover my voice, and linked me to an amazing community of creators and thinkers.  In that way it has given me hope.

I appreciate everyone who has visited (or will visit) these pages, who has taken the time to interact, comment, critique, challenge and question my process, my content, my style.

Thank You

It has been a significant mode of expression in which I have felt that I mattered, have been heard, seen, can contribute something to a large and complex world.

I am unsure of my intentions with a caesura, apart from feeling profoundly that the time and energy I put toward this is needed in other areas of my life right now.  The Whole Hurly Burly of life has its ways and effects.

As in brief breaks before (beginning grad school again, starting a business with spouse, children home for summer and the like) – should something worthy come forth I will share it, but for a time will be unable to consistently interact in this medium.

It has been a great pleasure – both “followers” (I hope not!) and those I “follow” – to become acquainted with your works, your gifts and talents, your ideas and artefacts – and truly – to have been offered a context that feels safe for experimencting mine.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

I cannot predict the time I will need for this restructuring, but I can assure you this experience and network and relation has been profound and meaningful in my life.

Here’s to WordPress


and to all of YOU who make it worth pressing.


Nathan W Filbert

18 thoughts on “Please Stand By. Restructuring. Thank You

  1. I will miss your regular investigations and your profoundly rigorous and poetic writing, as it was always nourishing — as was your generous and sagely support. I look forward to the next art/writing leg of the transformation, whenever and whatever it may be. As it will be as ever important.

  2. You described your blog’s effect on you so well… I have felt similar emotions about my blog, with appreciating how it gives me an outlet of expressing myself and courage. I’ve really enjoyed reading your take on many topics… your writing is precise and resonates in that I think about it after reading the posts. I hope you enjoy your break from blogging.

  3. This is very encouraging, thank you. The courage to share my thoughts and processes has been huge for me, to risk creative work on an unfamiliar public, and so on. Giant steps. In general, I think social media and blogging have opened up an enormous commons for people to express themselves and am thankful for that. Currently I’m needing some distance from that to apply the time and energy it requires to “keep it up” and “check on it” to other perhaps more significant interactions. Thank you for sharing.

  4. settleandchase

    Enjoy your break and new explorings.. I’ve really enjoyed visiting here, and thankyou for your support too!

  5. I commented but was deleted by blink of the universe. Apt. We are here and not here. I will continue elsewhere, but will miss your indivisibility like the silence of cats…..

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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